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Pro Bono at VirtualEmployee.com

Charities the world over can hire Virtual Employees for Free! Giving back to the society, to the community, is important to us. And if you give what you are best at, then that giving becomes all the more meaningful and relevant. What we are best at is remote staffing – providing remote employees who are experts in diverse domains and professions. And such skilled remote employees are what we wish to give charities the world over.

Pro Bono at Virtualemployee.com
  • Troubled by monetary limitations?
  • Finding it tough to hire the right people?
  • High salaries a cause for dismay?
  • By letting us support you, you channelize your precious funds into the cause

Charities need all the help they can get

Charities do a lot of noble work but it can be difficult for them to hire the right people and pay them salaries. While it is true that many charities attract volunteers who work for free it is also a fact that there are many who struggle to find the right people for the job and even when they find them, their high salaries may be a setback. Since most charities depend on donations and external funding, they are always battling budget constraints. Quite understandably, when it comes to a toss-up between paying high salaries and putting all that money into their charity, most of them would opt for the latter. Ideally, every charity would want to reduce its expenses on employee salaries and other overheads, so that it can channel all that money into helping the cause.

VirtualEmployee.com stands with charities

A strong sense of Corporate Social Responsibility underlines the business ethics of VirtualEmployee.com. And, so to make our own humble contribution to society, VirtualEmployee.com will provide English-speaking dedicated virtual employees completely free or at a heavily subsided cost to as many charities as it can support on a pro bono basis. The charities can utilize these employees in whichever way they seem fit – from handling routine day-to-day admin or office tasks to working on complicated software or financial processes. The charity may be based anywhere in the world and if they need sincere, English-speaking employees, we are happy to help them out.

VirtualEmployee.com stands with charities

Documentation: If you would like to apply, may we request you to first send us an application alongwith the necessary documents so that we can get a better understanding of your charity and review your proposal.

The documents would include:

  • 1. A brief or a presentation about your charity and what you do
  • 2. Official documents or some kind of written records approved by your country’s respective governments
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