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Advantages of outsourcing with VE for SMEs

  • Partnering with VirtualEmployee.com is like having your own branch office in India, just like 50 percent of all 500 Fortune companies who have a strong presence in India.
  • Solving problems you face with freelancing and at rates better than freelancing. In the freelancing model, every freelancer usually works remotely from a different location. This creates communication inconvenience between the entire team if the client has hired a virtual team of freelancers who are scattered all over the globe.
  • A huge talent pool available at competitive cost working for you from your managed office in India – all at zero setup cost.
  • But with VirtualEmployee.com, your entire team sits next to each other in a managed office. This increases the productivity of the team as a whole and makes it easier for the client to manage his/ her projects. The best part? The workforce/ office/ payroll/ hardware/ software are all managed by the VirtualEmployee.com staff.

Our Driving Force : Professionalism

The driving force behind our rapid success, which today sees us serve more than 2100+ companies from 33 countries, is our mindset. VirtualEmployee.com’s mindset is focused solely on professionalism. Professionalism in all areas, be it customer support, HR, recruitment, office hardware, office infrastructure, or management. But, most importantly, professionalism by always staying true to our commitment to quality and cost beliefs.

Great combination of technology and human resources

Virtual Employee Goal

Our Goal

Same Quality at Low Cost

VirtualEmployee.com, established in August 2007, has at its core a unique and revolutionary business principle, ‘Same quality but significantly lower cost’. It aims to fulfill the long-standing outsourcing vacuum felt by scores of Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) across North America and Europe who, till now, were dependent mostly on offshore freelancers. VirtualEmployee.com simplifies their outsourcing experience by providing them with dedicated Indian employees who work exclusively for them just like their own in-house hires. These Indian professionals match their western counterparts in skills, qualifications and experience alongwith the added advantage of attractive low costs. In short, VirtualEmployee.com provides equally (or even more) qualified employees from any domain or profession but at significantly lower costs.

Virtual Employee Strength

Our Strengths

Intelligent Use of Technology and Human Resource

We provide every client with a dedicated, full-time virtual employee who works remotely for them from our office here in India. To successfully achieve this objective, VirtualEmployee.com relies on management, infrastructure, hardware and the latest technology to bridge physical distance and time zone differences. Although your virtual employee works directly for you, it is VirtualEmployee.com that provides every employee with the latest hardware, infrastructure of international standards and supervision, guidance and management. What this achieves is that even though your employee is working from our office in India, they work directly for you as though they were operating physically from your office.