Chairman meets the Indian IT Minister – great things planned ahead! Chairman, Narinder Singh Mahil, met the Union Minister for Information and Technology, Kapil Sibal during a high-powered Indo-France IT Summit held in the country's capital New Delhi early this month. The meeting highlighted the warm and cordial relations that the VE Chairman and the IT minister share with the latter once again stressing the Indian government’s commitment towards providing the Indian outsourcing industry with all the help and support it needs. is among those companies who has won recognition from the Indian government for its innovative business model and its endeavors towards promoting and achieving technological laurels for India.

We enjoy a long-running and mutually beneficial association with the Indian government that sees in us a valuable IT partner and a global player that has the potential of attracting the right investors to the country.

The VE business model perfect for French SMEs

France is planning to outsource in a big way and to India, in particular. The French government is especially keen that its small and medium industries also become global players. To achieve this, a better alternative to offshoring for such SMEs would be to partner with someone like us so that not only does the work remain in-house but they also get to harness the vast technical talent pool of India at attractive low costs.

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Two of the biggest processes that will be outsourced in the next couple of years will be Social Media Marketing and Engineering. Skill shortages in the developed nations and low cost efficiency in the developing countries will be the two key factors propelling this

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