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Hiring virtual employees can be the right solution for all your web development requirements. Virtual Employee offers custom web development services to cater to your business needs. Our team of experts specializes in building cross-platform web apps using React and Angular, specific data APIs using GraphQL, scalable and secure web applications using JAMStack, and performance-oriented websites using WebAssembly.
Web development case studies
Can you build an eCommerce website using WordPress in 6 weeks?
We absolutely can! Learn how we created an eCommerce website for Boatique by meeting all the client’s requirements.
Can you build a wedding planning platform from scratch?
Of course, we can. Find out how we exceeded client expectations here and also bagged yet another project from the same client.
Can you introduce a new UI and change the interface for our website?
Check out this case study to see how we not only improved the UI but also addressed some pain points that the client didn’t even know about.

& Animation

We specialize in realistic game & experience creation using Unreal Engine 5, Unity MARS, Blender 3.6, Adobe Character Animator, and NVIDIA Omniverse. Our dedicated virtual employees offer 3D modelling, animation, and visual effects expertise for diverse multimedia and animation projects, delivering exceptional results to meet your individual business needs.
Multimedia & animation case studies
Can you turn my idea of a fun & engaging mobile game into reality?
We beat Minecraft with this one. So, of course, the answer is yes. And trust us, the end product would quite literally be a game changer.
Can you curate videos to help us amplify brand awareness?
Absolutely. Picture this: you are experiencing the beauty & wonder of 100+ destinations through the power of video. Intriguing, right? Check out the case study to learn more.
Can a maxillofacial surgeon benefit from multimedia services?
The short answer: Yes. The long answer: Well, you’ll have to watch the video. Hint. Your perception of outsourcing is about to change.

Mobile App

Our virtual staff are committed to delivering exceptional results to meet your business needs. We offer virtual staffing solutions for mobile app development, with expertise in Swift 5.7 and Kotlin for native apps, Flutter and React Native for cross-platform apps, and advanced technologies like ARKit, ARCore, TensorFlow Lite, and Core ML for Augmented Reality and Machine Learning projects.
Mobile app case studies
Can you build a user-friendly mobile app to track foreign stocks?
We created PickHaeJu for the very same purpose and sweetened the deal with 3 new features.
Can you develop a platform where like-minded people can connect?
Absolutely! Check out our mobile app development process for Passionfruit, the platform where people with the same interests can connect.
Can you create a mobile app for my transportation company?
We developed a transportation booking app for Hoppa loaded with various features that made the browsing experience super interactive.


Our Virtual Employee services provide support to free up your time and focus on your core activities. Our skilled virtual assistants can assist with various tasks, including lead generation, data entry, admin work, customer service, social media, and more. We cater to clients across all industries, including real estate, aviation, luxury startups, immigration, and finance.
Virtual assistance case studies
Can your VA help us nurture leads and increase sales?
You bet. See how we did for a small-sized company struggling with declining sales and increasing employee costs during the pandemic.
Can you assist my team to reduce the backlog of clients’ annual reports?
We can definitely help! Learn how we efficiently managed the Direct Incorporation backlog to improve their customer base by 55% in 2023.
Can you do this for me? We need to improve our sales leads and conversions.
Our sales strategy revamp led to improved customer satisfaction, as evidenced by increased Google ratings, contributing to revenue growth.


At Virtual Employee, we always prioritize adapting to changing trends and incorporating AI, interactive content, voice search optimization, micro-moments, influencer marketing, chatbots, personalization, and AR/VR into our clients' digital marketing strategies. Our optimized content, including relevant keywords, helps our clients reach their target audience and achieve their business goals.
Digital marketing case studies
Can you accelerate the digital marketing process for my business?
We definitely can! See how we curated a customized digital marketing strategy for Dartmouth that helped the business to go from 0 to 1 million dollars.
Can you optimize my current website and increase awareness of the brand?
We did exactly the same for our client, Psychotoons. With redefined marketing strategy and spread awareness on various social media sites.
Can you help me increase my Amazon sales performance?
We sure can. Check out how we helped Green Piece achieve 21% in revenue growth with a layered plan of action.

Legal Process

With a diverse talent pool of legal assistants, transcriptionists, secretaries, paralegals, and researchers, we offer trusted virtual staffing solutions for legal support. We cater to various legal areas, including document review, eDiscovery, criminal law, corporate law, securities, and litigations. Our affordable services eliminate the need for a fixed-fee concierge law firm, making us a highly sought-after remote staffing agency in India for legal support.
Legal support case studies
Can you align me with a paralegal expert in commercial legal services?
We closely worked with AnJie Law Firm to prepare NDAs and update existing agreements. This helped the client to be compliant with the local laws.
Can you help us handle pending DBA claims?
Not just that. We can also help you save on your biggest asset, time. See how we handled 2500+ claims for Barnes Law Firm and helped them save 1.5 hours per claim.
Can you help us handle immigration petitions?
Why not. We have the requisite expertise to guide your clients through the petitioning process. See how we helped this law firm in handing a surge in petitions.
Our philosophy to outsourcing is really simple: let’s take small steps, let’s communicate and work together and let’s be very diligent and systematic.
Shaunvir Mahil
Co-Founder & MD - VirtualEmployee
Shaunvir is a Law graduate (LLB Honours) from a top university in the UK and oversees the company's marketing and branding operations from the UK office. He is the driving force behind the company’s explosive growth and expansion in the past decade.
Shaunvir Mahil - Co-Founder & MD - VirtualEmployee

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Emma Robinson - VE's Client
“We trust them with a lot of our confidential data & big business decisions.”
Emma Robinson - VE's Client
Emma Robinson
Marketing Director - Air4Casts, UK
Client Since: 2009
Industry: Aviation
Roselyn Poon - VE's Client
“What my resource does is he understands my company, he understands my product.”
Roselyn Poon - VE's Client
Roselyn Poon
CEO - Bunker Bradley Couture, USA
Client Since: 2016
Industry: Fashion
Larry Spencer - VE's Client
“I would put our VE development team up against any team in the world.”
Larry Spencer - VE's Client
Larry Spencer
Vice President - ScerIs, USA
Client Since: 2010
Industry: Software

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