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More and more entrepreneurs the world over are increasingly opting for remote staffing solutions and are hiring virtual employees.

7 Best Practices For Working With and Managing Virtual Employees:

  • Leveraging time zone differences for greater flow
  • Your offshore team needs ‘context’ in order to innovate
  • Ensure regular project management with your Virtual Employees
  • Maintain professionalism
  • Don’t over think or assume if there are hiccups; focus on the facts
  • Don’t treat remote staff like ‘interchangeable parts’
  • Be realistic on what motivates Virtual Employees

Learn these 7 remote management hacks to maximize your offshoring productivity

7 Best Practices For Working With and

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Top Tips from an Outsourcing Expert

Shaunvir Mahil

Shaunvir Mahil

Managing Director


  • Helped over 1500+ companies from 33 countries since 2007
  • Helped companies outsource in over 50+ professional domains
  • Spoken about Outsourcing at Social Media Week & The Telegraph Studio Debates

Read first hand what these Western CEOs say about Hiring VEs

Jeremy Doyle

Jeremy Doyle

CEO, Bluefish Retail Ltd., UK

Our developer has been working with us now for around a year. He has become very much a part of our company.

Richard Bitgood

Richard Bitgood

HOD –Mathematics, Heritage Online Christian School, Canada

It’s been great to have such a close, one-on-one relationship with our virtual employees, and the fact that they’re basically a part of our organization. We work with them directly, we communicate with them directly.

Spencer Freeman

Spencer Freeman

President of Freeman & Son Fire Restoration, USA

Working with VE, even though they’re a continent away, does not seem like that. They could be in the office next door for all we know and all we care. It’s pretty seamless.

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