Project Introduction

The project was to develop a platform to sell hardware used to manage small scale retail businesses. The idea was to provide next generation of POS system and a cutting edge sales platform to smaller retailers.

The project required execution of three unique concepts, easy to customize look and feel, fully secure and scalable eCommerce section, and integration with its desktop POS application.

Project Assignment Highlights

  • Creating a quickly customizable design with simple UI
  • Creation of e-Commerce section as an individual component
  • Integration of e-Commerce section of POS software for quick inventory and sales management


  • The project required use of two different technologies for its UI and its e-Commerce segment
  • Managing worry free cross platform integration between two different technologies

Technologies Used

Magento, Joomla, PHP, MySQL, Java, RestAPI, Curl


The project required easy to create, manage and customize user interface; so we preferred using Joomla for the creation of its total look and feel. Later on for secure and scalable management of e-Commerce segment we implemented Magento. The end application is a fine blend of two different CMSs based on PHP and MySQL. During the process, we also developed a custom Magento extension (which is available at Magento Marketplace) for data synchronization. After successful implementation of two core requirements we performed its integration with Desktop POS developed using Java.


At the end, the web application turned into a fully functional e-Commerce platform catering all the project requirements adequately. The smooth integration of its online database with POS system ensured quick inventory and sales management.

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