Project Introduction

The client provided us with some ideas for implementation of Augmented Reality concept for Feng Shui using the Bagau Map. They wanted to develop this app in such a way that the end-user can use the iPhone viewfinder to literally look around a room and so the app had to show exactly as to which part of the room is related to wealth, career, love and marriage area, and so on.

This app was different from all the other Feng Shui apps as it would be providing suggestions so that the trouble areas can be identified and/ or compensations could be carried out for any other issues.

Project Assignment Highlights

  • Creating a lifestyle consultant-like app
  • App making use of Bagua Map for Feng Shui Concepts
  • Sharing the result on social media platforms
  • Accurately using Camera and Compass throughout the app


  • Implementation of the concepts of Bagua Map
  • The logics for this app was mainly in C++ and so we had to mix C++ with Objective-C (referred to as Objective C++)
  • Texturing 3D models
  • Animation of 3D models

Technologies Used

Xcode, Objective-C, Interface Builder, QuartzCore, AVFoundation, CoreMedia, CoreVideo, OpenGLES, Photoshop


The project development involved steps to integrate C++ codes with Objective-C. Real-time recognition was implemented seamlessly in the app with the overlay text fetched from the Bagua Maps.User- friendly and impressive UI designs with spontaneous app flow were implemented keeping the Apple Human Interface Guidelines in mind. Our prime concern was to integrate the GPS and compass compatibility to show real-time information about the objects that a user was pointing to.


Augmented Reality is a view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented by a computer-generated sensory input – graphics, video, sound, or GPS data. So our final app submission has proved to be a real user-friendly, handy, informative guide for Feng Shui using the iPhone native features appropriately.

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