Send All Your Office Work to Remote Resource

Turn Around You Business by Delegating Office Work to Remote Employees

India, as the acknowledged hub of job shipping, abounds in service providers of all “shapes and sizes.” Which brings us to the question: Of all these service providers why should you send work to us? The reason is that, as a remote staffing company, we don’t fulfill just provide a remote resource but provide the entire offshore job shipping package.

From the most complex PHP development work to architecture and engineering drawings and designs, from content writing to legal transcription, a remote employee hired from us will not just be the best in their field but will have everything that a freelancer cannot even dream of having to achieve.

So, when you engage us, and not, say, some vendor in the Philippines or Mexico or China, you don’t just get all the advantages of cost-efficiency that India has to offer, but you also stand to gain from our unique offerings that puts us miles ahead of our competitors.

General advantages:

a) India has one of the largest technical talent pools in the world, comprising of highly qualified professionals who have specialized skills in domains as varied as law, accounts, and architecture in addition to Information Technology, unlike the Philippines that is equated chiefly with Business Process Outsourcing (BPO).

b) Many professions in India mirror those in the US and the UK. So it’s easy to hire Indian professionals even in fields, such as law and accounts.

c) Indian educational institutions churn out, on an average, almost 4 million graduates each year in all fields. Our access to this huge database means that we can easily find the most suitable employees to work for you. Irrespective of the field or profession, any office-based work can be sent to us and we will provide you with the employee you want.

d) The average Indian professional is at ease with the English language – speaking, reading, and writing it with a fluency that is lacking in other rival destinations, barring the Philippines. What’s more, India has one of the highest numbers of English-speaking people in all professions, unlike China or even the Philippines where strong communications skills can be seen in just the BPO sector. In India, you will find that doctors, accountants, and programmers speak English fluently. This is one more reason why you can ship any job to India.

e) A highly pro-outsourcing and stable government that makes it safe for countries to send jobs to India.

Specific advantages we provide:

1. Perhaps the biggest value-for-money we provide is when we help you recruit anyone from anywhere in India. As long as that work can be done on a computer, and irrespective of the profession that you are in, we can get you a “customized” employee who will suit your work requirements perfectly. The pick of the vast talent pool, so to speak.

2. Our unique business model means that we don’t provide you in-house employees but we recruit on your behalf. What’s more, you (the client) are closely involved in the recruitment process and the final selection of the candidate is yours alone. This is because our unique recruitment model is highly client-centric. Unlike a freelancer picked up from some freelancing website about whom you only know what is posted online, we provide you with a professional who has undergone a rigorous dual screening process.

3. We provide you with your very own dedicated remote employee in the domain of your preference, and who works exclusively for you and no other client. Engaging a remote worker is far-better an option than a freelancer who works for multiple clients simultaneously and where your work may not receive top priority.

4. That’s not all, though. We go that one step further and provide you with not just an employee but also provide that employee with everything they need to work for the client remotely from India. We empower your remote employee with all the necessary infrastructure, equipment and IT backup and HR support to enable them function at their optimum best. With our well-equipped office, world-class infrastructure, best hardware and latest software, and advanced communication technology, your remote dedicated staff work at making your job shipping experience as rewarding as possible.

5. Even though it is job shipping, you get to project manage your dedicated employee, and control everything from their designation to their work shift hours to their targets. So, basically our job is to recruit the right employee for you and you take it from there, directly dealing with them and collaborating with them like you do with your local employees.

In one sentence – our office in India serves as an offshore extension of your own local office.

You can say that we are like a local recruitment agency, except that their reach would be limited to the local talent pool whereas we help you choose from a vast continent that has rightly become the hub of job shipping. We will get the right resource for whatever position you are seeking to fill.