Offshore Staffing: Best Solution for Budding Entrepreneurs

By Arnab Bannerjee Jan 31, 2019
Offshore Staffing: Best Solution for Budding Entrepreneurs

Offshore staffing is a major trend these days and its future looks very bright too. The primary reason behind the success of this practice is the feasibility of hiring a remote team and the associated low cost. India is home to many companies offering offshore staffing solutions and their success ratio is very much positive.

A few surveys have suggested that the numerous professionals working in offshore staffing companies love to work remotely as it gives them the freedom to plan their own work and personal life. However, don’t jump the gun as soon as this idea of hiring virtual employees pops in your mind. Before you decide to do so, it is important to ensure that your remote team members have the required skills and experience to complete projects on time and with the desired quality. Their abilities should prove to be effective in contributing to your company’s bottom line.

If you are a newbie or a budding entrepreneur, you will have to take a few prudent steps so that your newly hired offshore staff meets your goal i.e. financial gain. Here are some ideas that will assist you in setting up an arrangement that will benefit both you as well as your remote employees:

1. Reduced Costs and Better Productivity

Savings is the most obvious advantage when it comes to business operations and office expenses. With savings, you also have the benefit of improved productivity because your remote employees won’t have to commute for hours. If you hire the right talents, you would immediately notice a marked improvement in your employees’ productivity. Allowing employees to work remotely would mean that you are reducing various employee-related expenses like office rent, equipment cost, paid leaves, and insurance.

2. Smart and Talented Team

Hiring and managing an offshore IT team can be a little challenging initially, but you will definitely reap huge benefits in the long run. Your cost-efficient virtual team would work round the clock and bring in new ideas to boost the quality of their work. If you take the right steps, your talented team of experts will offer the desired results for time-sensitive projects.

3. Large Number of Part-Time Workers

The need for full-time or on-site employees will always be there; however, the good work of your virtual employees will entice you to hire some part-timers locally as well. You can get small or not-so-urgent tasks done through these part-time workers and save hundreds or thousands in the process. Part-time associations are liked by those professionals who don’t like to come to office regularly and are allowed to work at their own pace. Remember that every role in an organization doesn’t necessarily require a full-time staff.

4. Incentivized Employees Work Better

Money is a major motivational factor; so, it’s important that you keep your virtual staff happy and motivated through periodic incentives. Like other companies that outsource work overseas, you will be able to address productivity over presence in office by simply rethinking the existing compensation packages and rewarding those who fare better than the rest. The new healthy competition amongst team members to outperform each other will eventually usher in a better financial scenario for your company.

5. Reduced Overhead

Teams that are distributed have their own advantages, including reduced fixed costs. An employee would save traveling expenses and the time spent on transportation. The employers, on the other hand, won’t have to worry about infrastructure and office space costs.

6. Easy Access to Bigger Talent Pool

You can also balance or limit your company’s talent pool based on geographical locations. Hiring a large number of professionals worldwide on a contractual basis can be a great idea to keep a tab on the amount of work actually done by each of them. If you go through the contractor channel, you just have to compensate for the tasks done instead of paying a monthly salary. This also gives employees the flexibility to plan and schedule their actual working hours.

7. Saving the Environment

Most companies across the world are trying various ways to save the planet by going “Green”. You can also contribute to the revolution in a beautiful way by simply hiring offshore staff. Your employees will work from home and there would be fewer cars on the road, which will again reduce your company’s carbon footprint.

8. Improved Health of Employees

Remote employees have the privilege of working from home; so, they won’t have to travel a lot and ruin their health. Instead, they can focus on their work and the overall wellness of their bodies. Every offshore employee may not be very health-conscious to take advantage of this, but many do. There would be fewer sick leaves and the employees would be more productive, which will benefit your company eventually.

There are many websites like Indeed, Monster, Hubstaff Talent, and Guru where you can look for offshore employees; however, it is always best to try an outsourcing agency that suits your requirements. Offshore staffing companies will offer you the right resources to help you get your projects completed on time. You would also save a lot of money when you join hands with a credible and reputed outsourcing partner.

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