Advantages of Employing Dedicated Professionals

Why Should You Choose Dedicated Professionals Over Freelancers?

1. Send any office work:

The initial unique aspect about a remote staffing company is that you can ship any office work in any field. Job shipping has traditionally focused upon companies moving programming or non-core competencies. However, you can engage a remote dedicated professional for highly skilled specialist jobs and back-office non-technical work. In short, you can hire them for all kinds of work.

2. Delegate work from your PC:

The most striking feature about our business model is how the process is executed. We boast that our model enables companies to send any office work all from their PC. We cater to all the logistics associated with job shipping. Therefore, going to India, setting up offices, and recruiting employees is no longer required. The client can reap the benefits of conventional jobs shipping without ever leaving their country.

This is possible because the remote dedicated employees work from our head office in India. We, accordingly, equip them with all the office space and hardware they require to work remotely for Western firms. We provide them with PCs, fast internet connection, fax machines, scanners, printers, and telephones with local number. You are not required to engage in any logistics.

3. Job shipping without restrictions:

Our business model conveniently combines with the fact that there are no restrictions on the number of dedicated workers a company hires. Clients can hire from just one employee to as many as 10, 50, or 100+.

4. Hiring employees:

The fourth distinctive facet of our company is that we provide full-time, permanent, and dedicated employees. The remote dedicated employees work eight hours per day and are hired with the intention of working on a long-term basis. The employees work directly for and with the client. Furthermore, they are dedicated to their particular client. Similarly, hiring a remote dedicated resource starkly differs from recruiting a freelancer.

5. Outsource for US$1095–US$1995 per month:

The typical cost of a full-time dedicated professional is US $1095-US$1995 per month (for a one full working month). Companies accordingly make significant savings when they build a team of remotely working dedicated workers.

6. Professionalism:

Shipping jobs to freelancers is a very “hit and miss” process. This is because there is no third party overseeing the whole process. On the other hand, the remote employees are accountable to both the client and their company. They have a physical presence and are monitored, supervised, and regulated at all times. So, by hiring remote employees you are easily able to do away with the inefficiencies of freelancers.

7. Easy scalability:

We allow you to easily increase or downsize your workforce. You can do it as per your requirements. If your work load increases you can hire more professionals with us and vice versa.

8. You get skilled employees:

India is renowned for having a large talent pool of technical resources. The number of engineers, software programmers, doctors, lawyers, and accountants India has is truly mind-boggling. India has a very strong education system and thus when you hire remote dedicated professionals you get access to the most talented candidates.

9. Hire dedicated workers:

Indians have a very strong work ethic and culture. This is why we are able to provide you with dedicated worker who are committed to professionalism.