Why You Should Delegate Work to Remote Professionals

Get Affordable Services by Engaging Remote Workers

An idea that revolutionized the job shipping industry

A few years back, there were no new ideas or a fresh approach in the job shipping industry. Though the industry had grown markedly and continued to grow, there was no “evolutionary” advancement. Aside from broadening its scope to KPO fields such as law, accounts, and engineering, the sector had maintained its orthodox nature.

It was the time a ground-breaking idea revolutionized the job shipping industry. The new business model was pioneered by an India-based remote staffing firm. The idea was to hire remote dedicated employees, rather than shipping one’s jobs or work.

Remote Dedicated Professionals

Headquartered in close proximity to the national capital of India, we help our clients to hire remote dedicated employees. These professionals work full time and exclusively for the companies from the US or Europe. They work from well-equipped offices in India.

Different Facets of the Model

There are five key aspects of this model that has radically altered the dynamics of job shipping:

You can ship any office work: You can hire resources with us for both technical/specialist positions and non-core back-office positions.

What you need is only a PC: We just want you to send your project requirements. We will help you hire remote dedicated professionals. The employees will work remotely from our offices in India. Importantly, we take care of all the considerations, including recruitment, management, office hardware (PC, internet, scanner, printer, telephone, etc), and office space. This will allow you to focus on your project development and achievement of your goals. No min or max restrictions: You can engage with us 1, 10, or 100+ employees. You can employ dedicated resources as per your requirements. You don’t have to ship whole departments.

Hiring actual employees: We work directly for and with the client. We follow instructions just like any other “normal” employee would do and are dedicated only to the client’s requirements. The only difference is that the employee works remotely as opposed to physically from the client’s office. Therefore, the process can more accurately be described as engaging employee(s).

Low-cost services: The starting cost of recruiting a remote dedicated employee working full time is US$1095 per month. The cost is so low that any firm, irrespective of its size, can hire easily.

SMEs can now ship jobs

For several years only MNCs such as Microsoft could send jobs and hire full-time employees in India. However, it was not feasible for the SMEs to hire full-time workers from the developing countries such as India. They were only able to hire a freelancer. Now the dream of SMEs has come true thanks to our business model. They can hire employees with us and reap all the benefits of traditional job shipping, including cost-effectiveness.