Get Low-Cost Solutions by Shipping Jobs to Offshore Staffing Provider

Businesses of All Sizes Can Build a Team of Remote Professionals

Thanks to remote staffing solution providers, businesses of all sizes – from large setups to one-man bands – can benefit equally by building a team of dedicated remote workers.

Small- and Medium-Sized Businesses

Over the past decade, many MNCs such as Microsoft and Dell have shipped a variety of departments to India. The reasons are simple; by job shipping, MNCs have access to low-cost solutions delivered by highly educated professionals.

Business principles are universal; SMEs, like MNCs, would considerably benefit from job shipping. The dynamics of job shipping by SMEs are, however, diametrically opposed to the style of MNCs. It is for this reason that SMEs have been unable to ship jobs on the same scale as MNCs. MNCs send hundreds, if not thousands, of jobs; however, SMEs, seek to ship only a handful of positions. MNCs have the resources, time, and money that is required to go to India and set up their own offshore office. In contrast, SMEs have smaller budgets and lack the manpower necessary to open an office in a foreign country.

The ground reality is that were SMEs to ship jobs independently, the move would not be cost-effective. Opening an office in India is simply impractical for an SME. This is why MNC sending projects overseas is considerably more common.

The remote staffing solution provider provides SMEs with a viable alternative to outsourcing. This model just asks you to send jobs without even leaving your country. The service provider offers its office in India as an extension of your in-house office and takes care of all the logistics so you don’t have to worry about it.

The remote staffing solution provider recruits your employee(s), provides all HR services, all office hardware (PC, fax, scanner, internet connection, etc), office space, office infrastructure, etc. You simply provide the vendor with a job description for the position(s) you want to ship. The service provider employs a suitable employee for the position and the employee works directly for you, albeit remotely, from our office in India. For all practical purposes, the vendor’s office becomes your offshore office in India. All the logistics entailed in job shipping are thus removed and this enables SMEs to not only send jobs and work but do so in a cost-effective manner. With the typical cost of shipping jobs to a remote staffing solution provider being US $1095 per month, any company small or large can now get its work done in a remote location.

So, it has become easy for SMEs to harness India’s talented, yet cheap, workforce.

Large Companies

Large companies are capable of sending jobs independently. With large volumes of work to send to a developing country and high turnovers, setting up an offshore office is both feasible and profitable.

Though large companies are in a position to ship jobs overseas independently, this does not eradicate the considerable logistics involved in the process. The “outsourcing logistics” topic is undoubtedly important; not only because they are numerous but also because the execution of logistics in India differs from that in the Western world.

The logistics will require companies to address many questions and considerations. What is the best outsourcing location? Rent or purchase an office? What about power and Internet cuts? How to recruit employees? How to learn and understand a foreign culture? Should we purchase and invest in hardware/office infrastructure? Where to begin? Outsourcing independently is no simple exercise!

Thus, large companies can become more efficient and profitable by sending work to remote dedicated professionals who take control of the whole process for you; you delegate work from your PC and never leave your country. You don’t have to address any issues related with logistics. This will save your time, money, and effort.

One-man bands and self employed workers

Even one-man bands can form a team of remote professionals. As a one-man company or self-employed worker you may require specialist/technical assistance but can’t afford it or may want to increase your workload but simply can’t as you are already overburdened. Alternatively, you may want to expand the range of your work but can’t as you are unfamiliar with the field of work you want to incorporate within your own. Equally, you may find yourself working inefficiently by squandering time on necessary yet remedial/back-office work.

Shouldering the responsibility for all your work alone with no assistance can make you overworked and stressed out, and may prevent your work from increasing and expanding.

Job shipping will help you increase efficiency and the diversity of you business. For example, a self-employed lawyer could immensely benefit by shipping the job of a personal secretary or counterpart lawyer. Even a self-employed worker can send his work to a remote staffing solutions provider and afford the additional assistance they require. Whether you need to ship jobs in a specialist or back-office field of work, you will be in a position to do that. Working with remote staff will significantly help you expand your work, decrease your burden, and thus help you to save time and increase profits.

Employed Office Workers

Send your own job? Yes it has happened many times!

Many office workers are overburdened with work. Workplace is more often than not a very stressful environment with a continuous flow of work to perform and deadlines to be met.

Personal Assistance

With a PC, the internet, and a phone, most of daily errands can now be done remotely. We provide your remote dedicated staff with a local telephone number from your country and thus your personal assistant is only a phone call away. Furthermore, as the world continues to embrace the internet, the possibilities of what work your personal assistant can do from India are limitless. Concentrate on what is important to you by shipping your tedious and time-consuming tasks.