Remote Workers Can Do Wonders for Your Business

What are you paying for when you engage a remote dedicated professional?

The typical cost of a full-time remote dedicated professional hired with us is $1095–$1995 per month. Here is a breakdown of all the costs and services you receive for $1095–$1995 per month:

  1. Employee's salary:Your dedicated employees work approximately 160 hours a month (8 hours a day, 40 hours per week).
  2. Offices: Our head office is located in close proximity to the national capital of New Delhi. Therefore, office costs are just as, if not more, expensive as in the US or Europe.
  3. Database: We provide you with access to our employee database. This gives you an opportunity to hire some of the most talented professionals in India.
  4. Getting your Employee:When you send in a request for an employee, our dedicated HR team starts the process of compiling a list of suitable candidates for the position you seek to fill:
  5. Understanding your outsourcing requirements: The HR team concentrates and takes time to clearly understand your project requirements; the type of employee you require, the nature of work you wish to send, etc. If necessary the HR department will research on the special expertise you are looking for. This is to ensure that the most qualified candidates are recruited.
  6. Locating suitable candidates: We bear the cost of marketing methods used to locate and attract the best and most qualified candidates.
  7. Selecting suitable candidates: The HR department interviews and screens all prospective candidates prior to sending any resumes to you. Dedicated HR department: You can communicate directly with the HR executive(s) responsible for recruiting your employees. The HR people will answer all your questions, liaise between you and any of the candidates, and arrange any interviews you wish to conduct with a candidate.
  8. Interviews and tests: You have the opportunity to test and interview any of the candidates provided by us. It is our responsibility to organize a meeting between the clients and their potential employees.;
  9. Dedicated Customer Service: We keep our offices open 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, all year round. Hence, we provide dedicated customer service at all times. You can communicate with our managers via email, telephone, and live support at any time. A manager is always present to assist with any employee-related matters.
  10. Dedicated Management: Each employee is assigned a manager. Should you wish to discuss anything regarding your employee, you will be able to speak directly with a manager who is familiar with your requirements and your dedicated employee.
  11. Supervision: Our managers and the HR department supervise, monitor, and manage your staff at all times. We ensure that your staff works without any difficulties and in accordance with your instructions.
  12. Office Equipment: We provide all employees with a new PC (PCs are more expensive in India than in the US or the UK). We also provide them with other necessary office equipment, such as spacious desk, software, fax, scanner, printer, headsets, web cam, etc. Consequently, your employee will be equipped with the technology necessary to interact and collaborate with you.
  13. Personal Telephone: Your employee is provided with their own personal telephone which will have any local number from any country. The phone will also have an unlimited calling plan for making calls to any country in the world. You simply need to make a local call to speak with your virtual employees.
  14. Technical Support: We provide on-site technical engineers for your employees at all times. Our technical department resolves any problems with your employees’ PC, internet connection or phone.
  15. Internet Connection: Your employee is provided with broadband or leased line internet connection (again more costly than in the US or the UK). A fast and stable internet connection is provided to your employee so you can outsource effectively.
  16. Open 24/7: Clients belong to many different regions in the world such as the US, the UK, and Australia. For employees to work the normal office hours in your respective country, we have our offices open 24 hours a day.
  17. Back Up Generators: We have our own backup generator in our offices. It makes sure that power outages do not prevent your employees from working.
  18. Bus/ cab facilities: All employees are provided with a free bus/cab facility that ferries them to and from the office and major pickup points along the route. Employees who work night shifts, and female employees in particular, are dropped till their residence.
  19. Office Maintenance and Running Costs: Electricity, water, and cleaning costs are all incurred while maintaining and running our offices.
  20. Security Guards: As we are open 24 hours a day, we have security guards to ensure the safety of all employees. The security guards search all employees when leaving the office premises, to ensure no employee leaves with any of our clients’ confidential data.

We won’t allow your productivity to fall. We understand that when you ship your jobs overseas it is of paramount significance that the employee’s working conditions are maintained to international standards. We give our full contribution to make the whole job shipping process a success.