Current Trends in Outsourcing

Remote Dedicated Resource Has Revolutionized Job Shipping Business

The model of hiring remote dedicated professionals is the latest phenomenon that has gripped the job shipping industry. This trend has thus far proven to be highly successful. But why is this new trend taking off at such a rapid pace?

Let’s first discuss what exactly a remote dedicated resource is and what this latest practice is all about.

A remote worker is a dedicated, full-time employee (specialist or non-technical/back office) that works for you from India. India-based service providers supply dedicated workers to companies from the US and Europe. From the offices of the service provider, a remote worker will work directly for you and your company. He/she get all the office equipment and office space they require to work from a remote location: PC, internet, fax, scanner, printer, phone, etc. Modern communication technologies enable you and your remote dedicated employees to work together.

Why is this new trend taking off at such a rapid pace?

The success of this business model lies in the fact that any company, irrespective of size, can hire a remote dedicated employee. Job shipping is a practice traditionally dominated by MNCs, such as American Express, Bank of America or Siemens. MNCs have a high volume of positions to ship, and huge amount of resource and finance to manage the logistics required.

However, sending full-time, permanent positions is, however, unrealistic for small- to medium-sized firms. How can a small IT company in Louisiana with a staff of 10, employ one or two full-time programmers in India? Sending permanent positions has thus far not been possible for SMEs. Many SMEs hire freelancers, yet it is not a long-term solution as it does not delivers the same benefits as job shipping in a traditional way.

We fill this vacuum. Companies of sizes can benefit from huge savings made when shipping jobs; SMEs perhaps more than even MNCs.

A secondary factor in the remote resource boom resides in our model. We allow you to hire an actual employee. We provide your remote dedicated employees with the technologies they need to collaborate directly with you. Your remote employees hired with us will follow your instructions and work exclusively for you just like any “normal” employee—with the only difference that they work for you virtually as opposed to physically from your office. Our model makes job shipping a win-win situation; companies get the efficiency that comes with having their own dedicated employee while gaining from the very low costs that come with job shipping.