Eyeball These Video Teleconferencing Tools for Better Business Conduct with Remote Workers

Long-Distance Communication Tools that You Would Love to Embrace Instantly

Of late, videoconferencing as a tool for communication and collaboration has made significant inroads in the realm of business, not to mention media and education. Audio-video collaboration using a groupware has rendered long-distance communications possible without the need to travel around. It's similar to ordinary face-to-face business meetings.

Videoconferencing allows two or more participants to sit in different locations and communicate as if they are just next to each other. Videoconferencing software has become a standard part of computer equipments today. The worldwide videoconferencing market is projected to touch $3.6 billion by 2016, according to telecom researcher Ovum.

According to the global leader in collaborative technology PGi:

  1. 70% of businesses prefer videoconference to travelling for a meeting.
  2. 56% of global CFOs invest in videoconferencing apparatus to curtail travel.
  3. 75% of senior managers believe it will replace traditional meetings.
  4. Average attention span of employees on video calls is 50% longer (video call = 35 minutes, regular call = 23 minutes).

In light of tangible benefits of videoconferencing including expedited decision-making process, we discuss here 8 videoconferencing tools for your convenience:

  1. IBM LotusLive Meetings: It's a full-featured software for online meeting solutions. Its reasonable monthly fee and rich features make it a favorite among businesses. Functionalities include chat, file sharing, screen sharing, and meeting reports.
  2. Intercall: Intercall is purely designed to meet the mounting communication demands of small businesses. It comes with easy adaptability and cost-effective features for both formal and casual meetings. It can set up calls at short notice.
  3. FaceFlow: FaceFlow is a web-based app for video chat available on mobile platforms. It is a simple and easy-to-access high quality video communication system. Free sharing of video chat sessions with colleagues and friends is another feature. A fun way to hold video communications, FaceFlow will be available on all platforms pretty soon.
  4. Hall.com: It is an IM, video and group chat tool available on both mobile phones and desktop. It provides a collaborative platform in real time and serves as an online assembly hall whether people can gather and share information.
  5. iMeet: Online video meeting tool iMeet is available for your smart phone, tablet and computer. It has the capacity to host at least 15 people at a time. The platform offers an easy one-click sign in with HD video and file sharing facilities. Online meeting rooms are on offer free to new users for 30 days.
  6. Google Hangouts: Google Hangouts can accommodate nearly 10 people during a single video chat session. For those already logged into their Gmail account, it's just a perfect hangout. Its technology allows users to switch back and forth between different participants quite effortlessly.
  7. Meetings.io: Small businesses wishing to host video meetings with clients and co-workers find an ideal application in Meetings.io. It's easy to use, requires no signups, is compatible with all web browsers and it is completely free. You can now carry out Internet conversations with your virtual teams at the click of a link.
  8. VSee: A one-click application sharing, drag-and-drop file transfer and low bandwidth is what VSee is all about. It also comes with HD video quality. But the most eye-catching element is its security provision. Unlike other videoconferencing systems, VSee uses encryption end-to-end where no server, even VSee's own, has the decryption key.

To sum up, this is one of the widest ranges of offer on communication tools that can definitely help streamline your day-to-day business contacts. No matter what size is your enterprise or how much budget you have, there's always a suitable videoconferencing software to choose from. Establishing a connection with an offshore team has never been this easy.