The Route to Finding the Right Outsourcing Partner

How Get Maximum Benefit from Your Outsourcing Partner

Companies scouting for destinations to send jobs often find the name of India on top of their preferred list of offshore locales. A company can adopt many routes when it zooms in on India as an ideal partner.

To begin with, companies can approach a management consultant; an outsourcing consultant; tie up with a local company in the same industry as the client; or they can hire a dedicated remote staffing company that can provide dedicated professionals in a variety of fields.

“Need-offering” fitment between the client and the outsourcing vendor is a prerequisite if the former has to successfully outsource work. This means that the client needs to identify the reasons why they want to outsource and the desired results, apart from other criteria, before deciding whether to go ahead with offshoring.

The next step, as far as the client is concerned, is to shortlist the outsourcing vendor that can provide the best solutions in the best possible way for the outsourcing needs, which have been identified by him.

Guide on how to outsource

It is in all these aspects that the Indian remote staffing outsourcing company,, is making a name for itself. Located just a few kilometers from national capital Delhi, it can source a variety of professionals for companies looking for strong outsourcing partners.

Many clients with prior experience of outsourcing various activities have hired software programmers, web designers, lawyers, game developers, language translators, Internet marketers, data processors, and animators from VE.

A range of professionals have worked as dedicated staff on various projects of clients when they decided to outsource non-core activities. The advantage of being “dedicated” is that the equation between the dedicated staff and the client gets top priority – without the interference of hierarchy and other impediments that occur due to “size.” VE generally employs an elegant yet effective system of unearthing talented and experienced professionals for the positions in line with client’s outsourced staffing requirements.

After the client gets in touch with the company, he is offered two basic options – free and paid. In the former, the client gets many services for free when VE recruits on its behalf. In the latter option, the firm provides the client an option to pay $29.95 for faster as well as wider range of services.

As part of its paid Gold Recruitment Service option, VE selects resumes in a more comprehensive manner; carries out selection in a more rigorous way; offers better customer-client relationship help; devotes more personnel to the hiring process; involves top management in the hiring; and generally pays greater attention to the client that chooses this option.

Once a candidate or a group of candidates are selected for carrying out dedicated work for a remote client, the offshoring firm provides everything possible for the smooth functioning of activities.

The latest office infrastructure and computing hardware is made available to selected group of staffers working on a client assignment. The HR department of the firm constantly monitors the relationship between the client and the remotely hired staff, to ensure problem resolution at the earliest.

Thus, before deciding to outsource your work, it is essential to find the right outsourcing partner in accordance with your growing business requirements.