Why some people succeed in outsourcing (and how you can too)

The 5 Secrets of Successful Outsourcers

Do you know why some people seem to have the Midas touch when it comes to outsourcing while the rest seem to be relying on hit-and-miss techniques? Why do some people come out so strongly in favour of outsourcing whereas others complain bitterly of having burnt their fingers badly? It is just a matter of perspective and one that is born out of experience. So, how do you transform your outsourcing experience from ‘maybe it will click’ to ‘this will definitely work’?

Simple. Just follow these 5 simple secrets that all successful outsourcers know and have been using.

  1. Never ever outsource your core business processes. That which drives your company’s sales and profits stays with you. You never, but, never hand over these crucial tasks to an outsourcing service provider. One, it is something that requires your constant monitoring and inputs and, two, in the worst case scenario even if something does go wrong, it will take time to fix it, if at all it can be fixed.
  2. Five secrets of outsourcing success

  3. Always have Plan B to handle unexpected setbacks. Sure, you have drafted an iron-clad contract that takes into account just about every factor but life has a way of dealing that unexpected hand that shouldn’t catch you on the wrong foot. A natural disaster could take place; a perfectly hardworking remote employee could suddenly have to leave due to a family crisis; the vendor could go bankrupt – all worst case scenarios that may never take place but it is always wise to take precautionary measures just in case they do. This is akin to not putting all your eggs in one basket.
  4. Know which outsourcing partner is meant for you. If you wish to outsource data entry work, then even a freelancer may suit the bill. However, should you have long-term work, that is pretty closely aligned to your core business, such as web designing, software development, content development and so on, a freelancer should be your last option. Here, a virtual dedicated employee is the best option since these remote resources work exclusively and permanently for one client at a time (just like an in-house employee). If the vendor is one who specializes in remote staffing and has an office that is equipped with the latest and most advanced communication technology, then online communication and collaboration with such a remote employee is a breeze.
  5. Not falling prey to the ‘lowest price’ bait. Yes, we know that outsourcing is all about cost savings but don’t allow yourself to get so carried away that even ridiculously low prices don’t ring alarm bells in your head. The lowest cost does not necessarily mean the best option, except perhaps on paper.
  6. Upholding your part of the contract. If certain deliverables and targets have been agreed upon at the outset, don’t sneak in extra ‘titbits’ once the work is underway and then complain that the vendor is dragging their foot or targets are not being met on time. Be transparent and stick to commitments.

The secrets for a successful outsourcing experience are yours to adopt!

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