Providing Customized Recruitment Process

What Makes Remote Dedicated Resource Different

Want to know what is unique and special about the business of hiring remote dedicated resource? The most prevalent of these is the remote dedicated resource itself. First, you contact a remote staffing solution provider that is actually a third party. This third party helps you hire remote professionals who work as your own dedicated resource. The remote employee works directly with you, the client, and helps you grow the size of your organization. So, when you embrace this model, you in fact do not contract your work to an external vendor; rather it stays within the ambit of your organization.

Our service is also very much about the entire offshore package. We help you not just hire an employee but effectively open an offshore office in India. Our service extends further than the realms of simply hiring an employee.

Our recruitment service is also tailor-made to your specific requirements. We search for candidates based upon the job description you provide. The client is heavily involved in the recruitment process, not only instructing as to the type of employee they require but also screening candidates and ultimately selecting the employee they want to hire. This process of client screening is distinctive for it gives clients the opportunity to assess the caliber of any prospective employee and our service before making any definitive financial or contractual commitment. Hence, you can hire a candidate with confidence.

The cost of doing business with us is also significantly lower than one would normally anticipate from a service provider. This is because our business style has been engineered specifically keeping in mind the issue of cost-effectiveness. Clients can hire even a minimum of one employee and do so cost-effectively. Scaling up or downsizing is also quite easy. Only one month’s notice is required to terminate our service.

Additionally, we help our clients literally hire any type of professional employee. We can cater to almost any client requirements as we have access to a wide talent pool of resources.

We focus on highly professional standards in every respect. Only with this mindset do we believe the desired results can be achieved. This conscious awareness of professionalism that defines us is a unique asset, because it distinguishes our service from the rest.