Dedicated Resource: A Viable Alternative to Conventional Job Shipping

SMEs Can Engage Dedicated Resource to Reap All the Benefits of Job Shipping

The SME outsourcing demand

In an ideal world, small- to medium-sized enterprises would operate remote offshore offices in countries like India which would operate as additions and extensions of their offices back home. This would give SMEs access to low-cost, highly skilled professionals that would work on a long-term basis. This would be done in a professional manner and from a controlled office environment.

The problem for SMEs that aspire to ship their jobs is that, unlike their larger counterparts, they don’t have the time, money or resource required to open up an offshore office in a country like India. Furthermore, the scale on which SMEs want to send work is dwarfed in comparison to MNCs, and it makes the idea of an offshore office simply not cost-effective.

SMEs can reap all the benefits of traditional offshoring

Hiring remote dedicated professionals with us is in effect just like opening your very own offshore office in India. There are four key aspects as to how we meet the job shipping demands of SMEs:

  1. Low-cost professionals - Hiring with us allows SMEs to get access to highly skilled, low-cost professionals.
  2. Hiring an employee -We help SMEs hire dedicated employees who can work on a long-term basis. Clients do not want to hire unprofessional/unsupervised short-term freelancers. Your remote staff works for you just like any other local employee: they work the same hours as you, work directly with you, communicate and collaborate with you, report to you, and take instructions from you.
  3. Remote office - You get your very own offshore office in India. Your employees work from our office where they are provided with all the latest hardware and infrastructure. Our HR executives monitor your employees working at all times. Our managers are always there to help out your employees.
  4. Economies of scale -We help SMEs in getting their projects (even those on a small scale) done at a highly cost-effective price.

In a nutshell, we enable SMEs to achieve the same results they would have got by opening their own offshore office in India ; a) low cost, b) dedicated employees and not short-term unprofessional freelancers, c) a professional and controlled office environment. The only difference is that the former option is unfeasible but the latter highly cost-effective.