Outsourcing – Precise Solution for Perennial Business Problems

How Outsourcing Helps Tackle Business Problems You Face

Rapid growth has its own set of problems, particularly lack of time to recruit and train the workers. The local economy may also be facing dearth of talent, which may make it harder for you.

Outsourcing is the precise solution for this problem.

Expand with Expenses

In fact, in the era of information technology, companies don’t need to recruit personnel in-house for every project. Outsourcing makes sense as it would keep projects moving without going on a major recruitment spree.

You can outsource various projects and business processes to the service providers who would do the recruitment and training on your behalf, and send you the deliverables, keeping to a pre-determined schedule. You sign a binding contract regarding work delivery, quality of work, data security and other issues, taking out any apprehensions.

How Outsourcing Facilitates Doing Business

Outsourcing enables businesses to meet deadlines without having regular staff to take over the responsibilities. Even when a company is downsizing, it is more convenient to scale down an outsourced project rather than laying off a regular team of employees. It is easier for an outsourcer to shuffle employees as they can shift people to other teams requiring similar skill sets.

Treat Outsourcing like a Partnership

The process of outsourcing is more than hiring off-site or offshore workers for a job. Rather, it is a partnership with an outside company to jointly work to achieve common goals. For long-term success, you need to give value to the business relationship and have regular meetings to streamline partnership and iron out the wrinkles, if they are.

Choosing from an Array of Domains

Leading outsourcing service providers have the means to work for clients in an array of domains such as IT outsourcing, mobile apps development, sales and internet marketing, graphics and web designing, engineering and architecture, BPO (business process outsourcing), multimedia and animation, HR and recruitment, finance and accounts, legal processes, medical processes, network administration, data entry, transcription, among others.

Getting Quick Access to an Untapped Talent Pool

Aligning with an offshore outsourcing service provider gives you quick access to an untapped talent pool, stretching the skill range available. What is more, you are able to hire the talent at considerably lower costs. Countries such as India have a large pool of English-speaking professionals having state-of-the-art education in various in-demand fields.

Two Models of Outsourcing

You can choose from two models of outsourcing – dedicated and team model. Dedicated employees work directly under you, just like your local employees. If you are outsourcing a small project requiring no more than 3-4 employees, this model may suit you. For larger projects, the team model (a tiered approach with a team leader heading the chain of command) is generally better.

Mixing and Matching Skill Set of Employees

Outsourcing allows you to mix and match the skill set of team members. For instance, you can hire a PHP developer for 3 hours, a designer for 3 hours, and a content writer for 3 hours. You are also able to hire people with cross skills for certain hours such as a programmer for 5 hours and an Internet marketing professional for another 5 hours. You can pay for extra hours to avail of the facility.

Outsourcing enables you to stretch yourself before you go in for the big jump. It is time to begin exploring how outsourcing can help you meet long term goals.