Outsourced Call Centers are a Big Success

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Outsourcing a call center is an excellent way to generate sales for small, medium, and large businesses. A call center can enable companies to provide current customers with round-the-clock tech support and customer support. Thus, it can help companies in effectively retaining their customers.

For larger companies, setting up their own call center is easy since they have the financial muscle as well as enough time and resources. The start-ups and SMEs (small and mid-sized businesses) have to rely on outsourcing if they wish to have their own call center.

How to outsource a call center

Seeking to outsource a call center? First be very clear in your mind just what exactly you hope to achieve by doing this. Is it to explore a cost-effective way to promote your business, retain your customer base by providing them with round-the-clock support with technical problems, or customer service issues?

Obviously, the most common reason why most businesses choose to send a call center to India is because of the well-documented low costs that this talent-rich destination offers. Additionally, there is a streamlined industry already in place that ensures that setting up an offshore call center is much more affordable than it would have been in the company’s own home country, in terms of time, resources, and labor.

Outsourcing a call center involves a lot of decision making and analysis on the business side. On the outsourcing side, one has to take care of consultation and solutions. For example, before engaging an outsourcing company for call center operations, the business must carry out a thorough research on its needs and find what the new service is going to offer. The questions a business should ask are: Will the new service boost the sales? Will it improve customer satisfaction? What would be the customer retention figures?

Once a business knows what kinds of services it needs, a business usually requests bids from call center outsource services. Most of the time, the bidding process removes lots of vendors who can’t meet the company’s qualifications, and labor and technology requirements. From usually two or more bids, the company then makes a choice or further consultations with call center outsourcing companies on the bid price, and solutions that they can offer.

After a call center is chosen and contracted for services, a deeper consultation takes place by the client. There are also discussions as to how the client and the outsourcing vendor can work together to create solutions that can generate sales for products or services, and give customers support for billing or technical products.

When choosing to outsource a call center, it is up to the business to decide the amount of resources it is determined to give a call center vendor in order to deliver results. For instance, a large computer company with only a handful of tech support specialists hired through a call center can do more harm than good.

But when a company decides to offshore to India a call center and doesn’t have enough resources in place, its support services will lack credibility, and customers will be turned off by its efforts.

India is one of the most desired destinations to offshore a call center because most of the call centers in India are flush with technical and labor resources. Indian service providers have had vast experience in handling large volumes of both, inbound and outbound traffic, all the necessary software applications and technical abilities, and huge manpower that can handle large volume of calls on a daily basis.

Clients who outsource a call center also want to determine if a call center is achieving results and accomplishing goals. Usually, the management uses metrics such as customer surveys, retention, and churn data and sales data.

Thus, when a company seeks to send a call center to India it must not look for rock bottom services or lowest bids. Instead, a call center should be outsourced after having in place enough resources to spend on quality call center outsourcing vendors. Also, a call center should be outsourced after arriving at the right vendor in terms of its particular expertise and experience. All these measures can go a long way in ensuring that the experience of operating a call center in India is a positive and profitable one.