How Outsourcing Increases An SMB’s Creditworthiness

Creditworthiness and access to credit are among the biggest problems faced by SMEs. What impact can an outsourcing strategy have on these issues?

An organization’s creditworthiness depends on its capacity to do business resourcefully and its financial strength. Outsourcing time-consuming and expensive processes and functions frees the top management of an enterprise to focus on things that really matter and makes the organization more cost-efficient, better-organized and result-oriented. This in turn means that the organization becomes more creditworthy. Let us look at some functions that can help you increase your creditworthiness.

Outsourcing your work to a business, which offers you a CaaS (Company as a Service) model, needs to be your primary outsourcing strategy that can help you become cost-efficient. Under this model, you get the tangible benefits of scalability and the freedom to pay-as-you-consume. You can outsource various functions that in the long run will contribute to your creditworthiness. Some of the functions that you no longer need to handle yourself are as follows:

Infrastructure- In a CaaS model, you get a dedicated remote employee who works from a professional office, equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure, spacious workstations and central air-conditioning just like they would in a physical office at your location.

Software- All your virtual/remote teams have access to the latest software and this thing is also scalable so that you can increase or decrease the amount of software you use as per your requirements.

Hardware- Everything from PCs to internet connections becomes the responsibility of the vendor who you outsource your work to. It is no longer your headache if something goes wrong.

Entire office staff- Whatever you need in terms of infrastructure and software is available to you, which means your projects do not suffer in any way and are completed according to deadlines.

Non–core versus core functionalities– When you opt for the CaaS model, another advantage is that outsourcing non-core tasks that don’t contribute to your core business like HR, accounting, finance and IT support or backend services like data entry or virtual assistance can help you focus on your core business, which in turn helps your business become more result-oriented.

Thanks to these advantages of the CaaS model, someone who is new in the field of business, a startup or a small and medium business (SMB) can benefit immensely because the streamlined and result-oriented performance instills confidence in the minds of potential creditors. Switch to a CaaS model today and reap the benefits by getting credit easily and winning the confidence of investors.