Top 4 things that ensure the success of your outsourced IT process

Top 4 Things To Do Before Outsourcing An IT Process

Information Technology (IT) processes are among the top business functions that are outsourced to offshore locations. This is because of the large scale availability of IT talent in countries like India and the emergence of remote monitoring tools through which clients are able to monitor the progress of their outsourced process. In spite of these facilities, not everybody gets the desired results from IT outsourcing. In most of the bad experiences the clients are equally responsible for the failure of the outsourced project. If you do your homework properly as a client, you can reduce the chances of failure by at least 50%.

In this article, we will discuss the top 4 things you should do as a client before outsourcing an IT process.

  1. Assess the complexities of your IT process thoroughly: Outsourcing an IT process has its own complexities and to get desired results in such a business arrangement you have to have a comprehensive understanding of all the things involved in it. Whether it is setting service level expectations with the vendor or preparing a proper framework for responding to the changing needs of the project, you have to be involved in all this planning.
  2. Do it in a planned way: If you are outsourcing an IT process, it is not advisable to transition the whole thing in a single go. This is because your project, however small it may be, is a completely new thing for the vendor and the people responsible for executing it. Both the parties might falter in giving you an accurate timeline of delivery of services. So, the best way is to delegate the work to remote resources in small chunks and see how they deliver on it. Once you are satisfied with the initial performance, you can step on the gas consistently.
  3. Incorporate the expectations of your end customers in the list of desired results: Most of the businesses that outsource their IT function do not incorporate the expectations of their end customers at the start of the outsourcing process itself. As a result, the end product delivered by the vendor does not meet customer expectations and this situation further leads to loss of business. So, it is always a good idea to let the vendor know that the IT solutions should enhance the experience of your end customer.
  4. Be proactive in identifying mistakes: In case of IT outsourcing, mistakes are bound to happen. Whether it is a software development project or a performance enhancement work, you should be prepared for the unexpected. You might face problems while installing the IT solutions or there might be pesky issues with coding. The best thing about anticipating such problems and being ready about such issues is that you are able to point them out to the vendor promptly and in turn they are able to fix them well in time.

Apart from taking care of all the nitty-gritties involved in outsourcing of an IT process, if you take care of the points discussed above, you can ensure the delivery of customized IT solutions well within the stipulated time.