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More and more businesses are outsourcing their transcription services for cost-efficiencies and faster turnaround times. No longer is it considered feasible to hire and maintain a dedicated full-time resource to manage transcription work in Western countries. On the other hand, professional solution providers in emerging economies help streamline documentation workflow and cut down costs and time investment through new techniques and strategies for medical document organization and retrieval procedures.

Many Western and European organizations, in growing realization of these facts, want to outsource transcription services to emerging countries like India, which involves using audio and visual aids to record information, and which is later converted into a written form.

Given below is a list of benefits that can be availed by companies that choose India to outsource transcription services.

  • Companies can outsource transcription services to India as it helps companies reduce spending on attributes like hiring, maintaining an office and other overhead expenses.
  • Transcription requires specialized skills. By outsourcing this specialized function, companies not only get easy access to the required talent but are also able to derive the desired results with minimum effort.
  • Choosing India as an outsourcing partner for transcription services makes it easier for companies to have additional manpower, which otherwise takes a lot of financial resources.
  • Upon outsourcing transcription services, companies are free to focus on their core business activities.
  • Having an outsourced transcription service provider is a sure way to avoid the recruitment costs of raising a dedicated team to carry out transcription activities. This practice not only gives companies cost savings but also customized solutions
  • Outsourcing transcription services to India, companies gain a lot in terms of affordable resources, customized solutions, project management authority and security of their critical data.
  • By outsourcing transcription, companies get freedom from a range of HR and IT management related issues. All these issues are taken care of by the vendor.
  • Companies that outsource their transcription services can get a 24×7 work environment, which in turn enhances the productivity.

Considering these benefits realized by companies, transcription outsourcing appears a sound business strategy.

As a result, the list of transcription services that companies are outsourcing to India includes:

  • Audio Transcription
  • Video Transcription
  • Legal Transcription
  • Market Research Transcription
  • Transcription related to Academic Research
  • Media Transcription
  • Business Transcription
  • Hospital Transcription
  • Toll Free Dictation Transcription
  • Foreign Language Transcription
  • Insurance Transcription
  • Verbatim Transcription
  • Podcast Transcription
  • Webcast Transcription
  • Property Transcription
  • Audio Editing

Free trial for clients who want to outsource transcription services

The good news for clients wanting to outsource transcription services to emerging countries like India is that many vendors offer a free trial to their prospective customers. Usually, they offer free trials for market research transcription services, legal transcription services, video transcription services, audio transcription services, academic research transcription, market research transcription services, media transcription services, business transcription services, toll free dictation transcription services, and audio editing services

A client looking to try out the service simply needs to send a small sample (about 10 minutes) of an audio/video file. The vendor then transcribes the file and sends the transcribed word document to the client.

Clients outsourcing transcription services can avail quick turnaround times

Indian outsourcing vendors generally deliver transcription work ahead of your schedule. Depending on the recording and speech quality of the audio/video files sent by the client, the vendor generally takes around seven to 10 hours to complete the transcription process. The quality checking process takes an additional one hour.

Indian outsourcing vendors have well-defined quality assurance processes for transcription related work. All audio/video files upon transcription are checked for quality and accuracy. Majority of Indian transcription BPOs and remote staffing firms have certified proofreaders who thoroughly check transcribed files for errors.

Outsource transcription services makes sense as the pricing structure of vendors is flexible

Clients looking for outsourcing partners in emerging economies like India can either choose to pay on a per minute or hourly basis. In fact, clients are encouraged to discuss the pricing structure in more detail after receiving free trial from the vendors.