Technology a Key Part of Service Delivery in BPO

Technology is now a key part of service delivery in business process outsourcing, a colossal change from the days when technology simply acted as an underlying platform of the delivery system. This has resulted in far-reaching consequences, thanks to enhancement of business operations.

For instance, a financial services company would gain competitive edge by providing brokers with automated data interfaces to enhance their interactions with the system. External service providers will need to implement systems to achieve similar outcomes.

Gaining More Mileage Out of Business Process Outsourcing

Buyers push for change and try to draw greater mileage out of their decisions with regard to business process outsourcing. Transformative solutions such as service delivery automation and digital technologies are highly sought after.

Building Capabilities to Deliver Higher-Value Services

Service providers are under pressure to build capabilities that allow one to deliver better business process services. The supply side of the market is witnessing increased focus on technology that is evident in new investments, product releases and messaging.

Scope of Technology Growing in Contracts

Recent research shows that the scope of technology in contracts has gone up over the past few years. Technology inclusion in contracts is as high as 59% or more in mature areas such as finance, accounting and insurance. The scope of technology has consistently been increasing in the outsourcing contracts inked since 2009.

How Technology Influences Efficiency of BPO Services

The role of technology is crucial in BPO services such as CCE (chat process), CCE (voice process), CCE (email process), CCE (blended process), technical support executive and more. Leading providers of BPO outsourcing services are keen on enhancing their capabilities through augmentation solutions. They blend core technologies with their process knowledge to create solutions for their clients.

Integrated Platform for Combining Services Seamlessly

You need to collaborate with BPO service provider with an integrated platform that seamlessly combines knowledge services, business transformation services, front office services, back office services and technology enabled services. Rather than working on a single aspect of a business process, they would work across multiple aspects of the clients’ business processes to improve the overall performance.

What to Do before Signing an Outsourcing Contract

Before signing an outsourcing contract, you need to do adequate research and zero in on a company with a proven record in boosting revenues, reducing costs, augmenting cash flow and capital utilization, optimizing customer satisfaction, and taking up the competitive position of their clients. A leading BPO services provider would have worked across different industries such as technology, telecommunications, financial services, insurance, healthcare, travel and retail. They would be capable of managing functions across a customer lifecycle.

Having a trusted BPO service provider on board helps boost operational excellence, cost-efficiency, agility and scalability in clients' businesses. They partner across a broad range of front and back-office processes to help clients transform their business operations.

Winds of change are blowing in the BPO world and you need to collaborate with a company that is working hard to catch up. Look for those who are willing to reinvent themselves with time and provide clients with optimum benefits in their collaboration with them.