How Programmatic Has Been a Gamechanger in the World of Advertising

By Daya Mukherjee Jul 20, 2017
How Programmatic Has Been a Gamechanger in the World of Advertising

Programmatic advertising has been a gamechanger in the world of marketing. As a combination of artificial intelligence and big data, it enables businesses to bid on advertising inventory source in real time, thereby taking advantage of opportunities to display specific ads to prospects. Programmatic algorithm optimizes the chances of conversion.

How Programmatic Works Well Both for Marketers and Publishers

Marketers focus on finding access to their audiences and programmatic helps set up a system for them to achieve that objective. Publishers too get maximum advantage for publishing the ads. Programmatic brings in the best for marketers as well as publishers.

Analyzing of Voluminous Data

The environment data marketers operate in is extensive and complex. Analyzing the colossal amount of data and determining the right ad slots are almost impossible tasks for a marketer if done manually. Algorithms enable them to get through. Algorithms can help data marketers to efficiently categorize information into various data chunks and analyze them extensively, thereby leading to buying/selling of slots in real time.

Automation of Content Distribution

Automation is now possible in the case of buying and placement of advertisements, thanks to programmatic technologies. A marketer can integrate programmatic technologies across their campaigns, thereby enabling optimum content distribution across various media. This would include digital media, television, print, out-of-home (OOH), and radio.

All aspects of the system are automated. The system would determine how much to bid for ad slots, taking into account factors such as user history and the sites they appear on.

Real Time Campaign Optimization

Algorithms have sophisticated artificial intelligence technologies incorporated into them to analyze huge volumes of data, thereby facilitating real time campaign optimization. When an ad impression is to appear on a web browser, the system would pass on the information about the page to an ad exchange. The latter’s role is to market the slot off to an advertiser who is bidding the highest price for it. The complex process is completed within milliseconds.

Programmatic adds extraordinary efficiency to advertising. Before the advent of programmatic, human executives handled buying and selling of digital ads. This made the whole exercise expensive and unreliable. Programmatic has enhanced the system, making it efficient and cheaper.

Reaching Right Person with Right Message

Programmatic advertising enables brands to reach the right person with the right message at the right time. The technologies involved can assemble a consumer’s micro-moments the way puzzle pieces are joined together. The system can see a detailed blueprint of consumer intent. It is a powerful proposition, explaining why the usage of programmatic has grown up rapidly.

Understanding Consumer Intent Precisely

Micro-moments occur when people are looking for answers, trying to find new things, and making decisions. Programmatic algorithms are capable of understanding these consumer actions, which signal their intent.

The Process

The initial step involves organizing audience insights to get a complete picture of the customer’s purchase journey. This would include apps and stores visited, websites browsed, and videos watched. With complete knowledge of consumers’ preferences, brands would use programmatic buying to deliver an ad that is most likely to win them over.

Wrapping up

The power of programmatic is immense. It lets marketers repeat perfect ad targeting for people everywhere, regardless of their interests, budgets, or locations.

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