How to Build a Large Facebook Community

By Daya Mukherjee Mar 07, 2017
How to Build a Large Facebook Community

Are you worried about your dwindling performance on Facebook? You may be constantly trying out different strategies to counter this decline, but may not have got an encouraging result so far. If this is the case, creating a Facebook community around a certain idea can provide you more ways to consistently reach out to your target audience.

Below, you are going to learn 3 different strategies to achieve this goal:

  1. Bring fans into a focused Facebook group
    Even if you have a little connection with the world of Facebook marketing, you must have heard about the organic decline of Facebook pages in the last couple of years. It has almost gone down by 50%. So, things have become much more difficult now compared to a few years ago. This, however, does not mean that everything is lost. You can still do a lot using the Facebook group strategy. These micro groups have started controlling most of the conversations taking place on Facebook now, and the good news is — Facebook can’t decide what to show and to whom. So you have more control since everybody can see your posts.

    Creating a group is quite easy, but you still need at least one member to go live. So invite your friend or any employee initially. To give your group a more cohesive feel, also add a cover image and a description that will appear at the top of your Facebook group.

    Finally, you should start promoting your Facebook group so that other members feel prompted to join it. While signing up for a newsletter, you can provide a link to others to join your group. Keep in mind that you don’t just need to promote your own website or posts all the time. Instead, your approach should be to continuously solve their problems. You can also share relevant posts and can also offer your expertise. This will help them bring users to your page.

  2. Create a rapport via regular Facebook Live Broadcasts
    Facebook Live is the newest kid on the block and you can start tapping its potential. It allows you to stream your video to your audience. You can ask Facebook Live to ask questions in real time. To use Facebook Live broadcast from your mobile device, go to the status update box or in your group, tap Go Live.
  3. Attract new community members with Facebook Ads
    There is no direct option to promote your group. You can, however, do it via Facebook ads indirectly. Yes it is possible to do so but you need to be consistent. When people see your post in their news feed, they will surely take notice of it.

    In a nutshell, consistency holds the key. When something shows up in your news feed again and again, you’re bound to sit up and take notice. It’s a part of human nature. The more people see you, the more likely they are to remember and recommend you.

    Social Media Examiner offers a useful advice here: “For the best results, run your Facebook ad campaign for at least one week, so the ad has the chance to show up multiple times in the feeds of the audience you’re targeting. After your target audience sees your ad and learns who you are.”


Building a community is important in the long run since it enhances your position in your industry and establishes you as an authority in your niche. It helps you create a group of loyal fans who could come to your group again and again.

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