The Tectonic Shift

For any organization to survive during the pandemic, rapid digital transformation was crucial. The colossal shift from traditional work environment to work from home or hybrid mode brought forth a multitude of challenges. At Virtual Employee, we mitigated them through the aid of various digital transformation programs centered around building company culture remotely.

Modern Solutions to Modern Problems

To harness the power of digital transformation, keeping up with new changes was necessary. For making this feat possible, we had to create an inspiring environment for developing our remote team culture.

Empowering Digital Workplaces
Saying Yes to eLearning

Redefining Cultural Norms: The Digital Way

Digital transformation is imperative. It’s happening all around us. To achieve this, we realized we needed to build the right environment: a people-first approach to create a healthy organizational culture boosting the transformation. And here’s how we did it.

Starting from the Roots

We’ve adopted a functional organizational structure to accelerate digital transformation. This helped in elevating VE to a company with best work culture since it provides the scope for growth by nurturing the skills and knowledge of employees.

Fostering Innovation

With VE’s hands-on approach and transformative technology, our employees are able to create new embedded products. In fact, our lead Embedded Developer is a co-inventor of 50+ projects with 30 patents under his belt. Our innovation did not stop there. Continuous R&D with AI and Machine Learning has helped us create numerous products ranging from Human Activity Recognition sensors, to Payload Prediction for Cellular Data.

Transforming Ways of Working

From very early onwards, we understood the need to choose the right digital governance model. This ensured the process of digital transformation was balanced with our people oriented culture. We focused on creating an innovative work environment encouraging women empowerment, leadership opportunities, and unbiased inclusiveness.

The Endgame?

A people centric culture where we foster respect, welcome change, and look forward to the future with digital transformation. And that’s not all…

Planting the Seeds of Workplace Culture 2.0

We prioritize diversity and believe in a culture rooted in collaboration, growth, and mobility. By continuing to focus on the needs and concerns of employees and maintaining transparent communication, we believe we can enhance our foundation for successful digital transformation.
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