Leading change in the age of digital transformation

Making a mark with MVPs and Patents

Taking a novel approach to digitalization:

MVP business model

You might have already heard about the minimum viable product model. It is essentially a first product version or prototype that lets you test the core of your idea with minimum features. It helps in validating a product idea as per the feedback of the early customers.

Business Model

At Virtual Employee, we follow the MVP model to speed up your digital transformation journey.

Instead of digitalizing in a single transformative push, we prefer to implement small changes and carefully cultivate them over time. This helps us in sticking to the plan and carrying out development and testing as per your requirement.

Eliminating challenges & welcoming changes:

Our learning curve

Inventions and Patents:

Securing business ideas through patent prototype

Behind the innovations:

Our continuous R&D

Innovation in Collaboration:

The roadmap to success