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Not only will Virtual Employees in India reduce your costs by as much as 72% per employee, but VEs will also dramatically simplify your life.

5 ways you will hack your business and reduce your pain with VEs:

  • Zero Recruitment effort or costs
  • Zero Office or Employee Management
  • Zero Liability or Labor Laws
  • Zero Long Term Contracts
  • Zero Capital Investments or Overheads

Get back to working on Growing your business rather than being stuck trapped working in your business.

5 ways you will hack your business and reduce your pain with VEs:

In 90 seconds these CEOs will change what you think about VEs & cost saving:


Does all of this just sound too good to be true?

Then Read Firsthand What These Western CEOs Say About Hiring VEs


Simon McCaroll

Director, Printbots, UK

Without a doubt it’s probably one of the best business decisions [hiring virtual employees] I have ever made personally, from a financial point of view, from a delivery point of view, and from a control point of view.

Chris Pfluger

Chris Pfluger

Co-founder, Optimatic, USA

They are smart, they are articulate, they are educated. It’s just like having the same people here except that they are over there, (in India). It’s been a huge cost saving plus we couldn’t even find the people to do it here. So, it’s been a perfect combination.

David Wynn

David Wynn

Managing Attorney, Wynn Law Firm, USA

I didn’t have to worry about payroll. You handled all of the human resource issues. I just paid the fee that I contracted with you. Financially, it’s cheaper than having an employee in-house.

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