Digital Transformation at VE

VE’s support can help you to get the best digital transformation business benefits you were looking for but were struggling to achieve.


VE’s support can help you to get the best digital transformation business benefits you were looking for but were struggling to achieve.

People and Culture

Culture is the driving force behind VE. Especially when we are always on the lookout for exceptional talent in the most transformative technology available, you can be sure that our culture is as progressive as our digital expertise.

Inside Out Transformation at Every Level

Considering the benefits of digital transformation for employees, we make sure that even our resources get the full experience.

Making Transformation Accessible to All

Our digital transformation initiatives include making sure that all data is accessible to employees at all times – even those working remotely

Transformation Across Each Arena

Knowing the impact of digital transformation on employees and the importance of digital transformation in the workplace, we made some changes to our actual workplace too!

VE Noida Office

At our latest Innovation Hub, your chosen resources enjoy:

Latest Hardware

Latest hardware provided to meet requirements of each resource as per their area of expertise

State-of-the-art Facility

State-of-the-art facility

Fully Equipped

Fully equipped spaces for research, ideation, and innovation

VR Studio

VR studio (in construction) to conduct meetings in the Metaverse

Digital Transformation for SMEs

Digital transformation for small business entities has become quite crucial nowadays. And this is how you can always keep up with the changing industry trends.

Build upon your agility

One of the biggest strengths that small businesses have is the element of agility. Unlike huge corporations, small businesses do not have massive silos that pose a hindrance to their transformation intentions. Thus, it is prudent to make use of your organizational agility and adopt strategies relevant to your company.

Make it all about data

Digital transformation need not always be about gadgets and AI. It must be recognized that data is key to transformation – the richer the data you use, the more effective your digital transformation efforts will become. And since such data is almost always readily available to you, all you need to do is know how to analyze it and put it to use.

Innovation is key

At the heart of Digital Transformation lies Innovation. Be it in the form of introducing new services, expanding to newer markets, or making a transition from a website to a convenient and user-friendly app, continuous innovation is key. But, stay away from the Shiny Object Syndrome and be on the lookout for how YOUR business can improve through innovation.

Once you have adopted these key changes, there are many digital transformation advantages for small businesses:

For Your Customers

Greater satisfaction since digital transformation is synonymous with improved service aligned to their expectations.

For Your Employees

Enhanced provisions for becoming more productive and getting the most out of the digital convenience.

For Your Business

Improved overall performance powered by satisfied employees and customers happier with your service.

Doing it the Right Way

Digital transformation best practices to help your growth effort

Transform your Process: Process transformation is crucial for overall digital transformation. This includes transforming as per your industry and may even imply the need to transform your organization culture to support your growth strategies. So, this four-fold strategy can be key to getting the hang of the process:

Step 1

Identify what you are trying to achieve

Step 2

Evaluate your current situation against your goal

Step 3

Brainstorm the most appropriate solution for your business

Step 4

Implement with consistent monitoring

Transform your Business Model

While minor key changes can be sufficient to achieve digital transformation, major and substantial changes may be needed often. And that is when you need to consider introducing changes to your business model.

It can be in the form of introducing a new product or service, or entirely changing the way you work because you cannot accommodate the growing needs of your business. If you ever need to go for the latter but it seems too daunting, then you know who to reach out to!

Expertise You Can Depend On

Although the transformation is digital, the connections we make are certainly personal.

Robyn Charles Executive Director, Education Media LLC USA

He has been successful in the actual technical execution. I feel that the work he has done is going to gain global recognition.

Robert Allen Executive Director, Dolphin solutions UK

(She) came up with a cartridge system, which is now one of our best sellers among our competitors.

Paul Chalmers CEO, Volante Investments LTD. UK

I can say without a doubt that the situation the company is now in is an incredible transformation.

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