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Can Outsourcing to India change your lifestyle?

Does Outsourcing make it easier to become the ‘new rich’?

When we think about the benefits of or motivations for outsourcing to India, we instantly think of factors such as cost saving, scalability and access to talent. Most newbies to outsourcing would never envisage that outsourcing to India could end up having a real and dramatic impact on their day-to-day personal lifestyle.

But more and more solo-entrepreneurs are finding just this to be true. Offshore outsourcing is no longer just about impacting your business, it is also about the impact it has on your personal life. Thomas Zizzo, founder of SalesJet.com explains just this in the video below.

After 6 years of Outsourcing to India – CEO reveals 3 dramatic lifestyle changes

Admittedly Thomas makes his points in a light hearted and jovial manner, but that does not take away from the potency of the point that he is making. Those whom work from anywhere, anytime and have eradicated stressful, long and pointless rush hour commutes to work are descried as the ‘new rich’. That outsourcing to India has played a pivotal role in Thomas achieving this lifestyle is no mean feat.

Two common pain points for solo entrepreneurs are a) getting additional help, and b) getting long term commitment and dedication. That Thomas has worked with the same Virtual Employee for 6 years, (and now 7 at the time of writing this) is another example of how outsourcing to India now makes it easier to become a solo entrepreneur.

Outsourcing to India is no longer just about business metrics, its increasingly becoming about the flexibility it gives individuals to pursue the “new rich” lifestyle people like Thomas so emphatically speak of.

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