5 Tips to Help You Determine Whether an Overseas Outsourcing Company is Legitimate

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By Irfan Ahmad Apr 30, 2021
5 Tips to Help You Determine Whether an Overseas Outsourcing Company is Legitimate

Decision-making in business is the most difficult deal, especially when outsourcing your valuable work halfway across the world. Choosing the right outsourcing partner might be a difficult task, but there are ways to make this process easier.

Business management expert Peter Drucker once stated, “If you can’t measure it, it doesn’t exist”. Now, there is a big takeaway from this quote. It’s the constant calculation of the numbers, facts, revenue, and scalability convenience that outsourcing might bring in for a business. Entrepreneurs say it is difficult to rely on outsourcing as they fear the inability to micromanage everything. In fact, this is one of the primary reasons why you must switch to overseas outsourcing– to stop micromanaging and focus on the tasks that truly deserve your attention!

Whenever we lend our ears to half-baked conversations and opinions, we miss to understand the literal worth of things. We humans always try to focus on the critical aspects over the benefits emerging from a possibility. When we apply this to overseas outsourcing companies, you can see that more than 70 percent of all small and big businesses have found cohesion with overseas outsourcing work distribution and have measured success in terms of revenue, scalability and growth.

But still, a lot of entrepreneurs are skeptical.

“How do I achieve the highest results within the desired time?”
“Will the outsourcing team take my projects as seriously as I do?”

“How will I check on the skills, interest, and availability of resources sitting thousands of miles away from my office?”

“How do I hire an expert team in my business vertical?”

“How to find out if a company is legitimate?”


Let us dive into the top benefits of outsourcing your projects to overseas companies.


  • Why should you outsource your work?

As a business owner, you must have dreams to bring to reality, and goals to accomplish without fail. This demands your innate effort, brainstorming, experiments, and a huge investment both in time and money. Amidst all this, you also have financial targets that you expect to reach within a set deadline.

Basically, you are restricted by a lot of things that aren’t your priority at the moment. This is when you have an overseas outsourcing company to fall back on! Keeping logic in consideration, it is next to impossible for you to work on everything single-handedly, with a deadline that you cannot afford to cross.

Hiring an in-house team that may take days and months to come onboard will drive you crazy, not to mention the horrors of training, infrastructure and salary regularisations.

But what if you could send across all your necessary projects to an experienced team overseas? Then you can take a backseat and resolve other core matters demanding your focus. You can set a bar, and the outsourcing experts will raise it, for they excel in understanding business objectives, executing planned strategies, and matching the business standards. You save cost, time, efforts, and get quality, quantity, and transparency in return.


  • How to select an outsourcing company?

Businesses are born every day with different aims and vivid niches that they choose to operate in. Overseas outsourcing companies are like sailors on a ship who are expected to be the jack of all trades.

You can entrust them with huge responsibilities while assigning them projects with strict deadlines, setting the business goals, and requesting milestones to organize tasks, balancing the budget, and building loyalty. While handing over your projects to an outsourcing company, find out if they are on the same page with your business standards.

Apart from that, check on their commitment in terms of time, communication, knack with innovations, eligibility of the resources, affordability of the operations and time-zone flexibility.


  • 5 steps to determine the credibility of an overseas outsourcing company

There are some key considerations to make before introducing a legitimate company for outsourcing to your in-house team. Dive into some of the best techniques to make sure a company is legitimate.

  1. The resources and technology: One of the most important aspects is the technological advancement and reputation of resources in the outsourcing company. The team ought to know the tools that you use and must be able to use them fluently without constant supervision. They need to be sufficient, updated, and technologically abundant to be the best fit for your business.
  2. Data security checks: Security is the need of the hour. Data security is something that you cannot afford to go without when outsourcing. Therefore, a good starting point when evaluating an overseas outsourcing company is to inquire about, and review their data and IP security protection protocols.
  3. The contract is the real deal: Outsourcing is an intricate matter that requires paying heed to a comprehensive and detailed contract. A quality and legally rigorous contract make way for a credible, long-term relationship between your company and your outsourcing partner. The procedure of a legal contract in place also reveals the history of work experience of the outsourcing company. An effective track record along with sound legal counsel makes for a robust foundation of security and loyalty that helps you choose the company over and over.
  4. Reviews and testimonials: The foundation of every outsourcing company stands upright when their performance is cemented with real reviews from the companies they have worked for previously. This social proof that you, your business and your project is in safe, experienced, and expert hands is the credibility an outsourcing company builds with reviews and testimonials.
  5. Credible accomplishments: Accomplishments are resourceful when it comes to assessing the performance record of any outsourcing company. Checking on the past work portfolio allows you to make a wise choice in selecting the future representatives who will be accountable for your projects. Keeping track of certifications such as ISO and CMM levels, Special Economic Zone Status, Media appearances, years of experience working with organizations, and business awards bestowed are likely to help you discover a legitimate company for your outsourcing needs.


  • Top benefits that show hiring an overseas outsourcing company is the best decision

  1. Serious commitments: You can expect your outsourcing partner to stay seriously committed to the deadlines you set and adhere to project protocols where you are the priority.
  2. Clarity of communication: Clear communication keeps things going smoothly. Outsourcing partners have a clear line of communication via set channels where resources are available on chat, audio and video at a time that you feel comfortable working in.
  3. Rewards: Outsourcing is the path to fostering an interdependent relationship where both the business owner and the outsourcing company work in tandem towards a singular goal. The result? Reaping the rewards out of robust outcomes.

There is a plethora of indicators that make a company outsourcing driven. You have the capacity and time to research and analyze the opportunities that are possibly going to work in your favor while you are outsourcing your work. The status of past work experiences, professionalism and cohesiveness, the quality and quantity of the work produced, commitment to deadlines, budget parallelism, and access to state-of-the-art technological tools are just some of the hallmarks of a good outsourcing partner.

Discovering the right outsourcing partner is a difficult hunt. There is not one answer to “How to know if a company is legit?” With all the aforementioned assessing techniques, it will get easier for you to determine whether an overseas outsourcing company is legitimate for taking charge of all your future goals.

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