Why Hiring a Remote Team of Drupal Professionals Suits Businesses

By Daya Mukherjee Aug 24, 2022
Why Hiring a Remote Team of Drupal Professionals Suits Businesses

Drupal is a popular CMS (content management system) that helps develop and maintain stable, secure, and flexible websites. However, companies often complain about the shortage of Drupal professionals who could complete projects on time and in an efficient manner. An easy way out for them is to hire a remote team of Drupal experts.

  1. Advantages of Hiring Virtual Drupal Developers
  2. Trained and experienced Drupal developers hired offshore in a place like India are capable of developing feature-rich, dynamic websites. What’s more, the cost you incur while hiring professionals with similar skill levels is a fraction of what you would otherwise spend in the US or Europe. India has some of the best colleges imparting information technology education. These colleges provide their students with a solid educational background to become professionals in future. Moreover, Indian professionals are proficient in the use of the English language, which helps a lot in communication.
    Hiring a team of remote Drupal developers enables companies to steer clear of administrative hassles as well. It saves you the trouble of arranging additional workstations and the necessary infrastructure related to web development. You are also able to avoid the hassles of training and payroll.

  3. Dealing With Remote Drupal Developers
  4. Working with remotely based Drupal developers is practically no different from directing your in-house team of professionals. Often, you will be issuing instructions through Skype or mail rather than in person. A company may have several branches located in various cities and its executives may generally interact using various electronic or digital mediums. Collaborating with virtual Drupal developers bears close semblance to this practice.

    Technological developments have facilitated conference calling and data transfer in a secure environment. Using tools like Skype, you can work closely with your online team. You can have your daily team meetings, assign tasks to your team members, and review the work they do. As for data security, you may ask your service provider to make arrangements for the saving of data in your own server, remove external drives from their machines, disable certain websites and emails, and equip employees’ machines with powerful anti-virus and anti-spam programs. You may also ask for access to employees’ systems or work environment any time. If a client requests, the service providers can also have your employees use virtual desktops.

  5. Cost Factor
  6. Businesses are often in two minds, wondering whether to hire remote Drupal developers on an hourly or a fixed cost basis. Often, businesses are clueless about the time a project would take for its completion, which makes it difficult for them to take a decision. Signing a contract on an hourly basis would suit most businesses as you only have to pay for the amount of work that gets done.

  7. Choosing the Model
  8. While hiring remote Drupal professionals, you may choose to work in a team model or an individual employee model. The former enables you to hire a team of professionals working under the direct supervision of a team leader who would take their instructions from you. The latter has you handling all the team members separately.

  9. Final Word
  10. Hiring a team of virtual Drupal professionals is probably the right thing to do in today’s scenario. Why take the trouble of recruiting a resource-intensive team when you have a better option?

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