5 Questions to Ask to Your Future Virtual Mobile App Developer

Have you an interesting app idea but lack the skills to execute your plan? If that is the case, hiring a virtual mobile app developer or a team of them may be the right solution for you.

Virtual developers won’t exactly come to your regular office to work. They will work remotely, while remaining connected with you through technology, for as many hours as you have purchased. This gives you immense flexibility and enables you to expand your team or curtail it depending on your requirements. Such luxury is simply not there when you work with a regular team.

In a virtual employee supermarket, you can interview prospective candidates, compare their experience and skillset, and select the best for the job at hand. Here are 5 questions you can ask your prospective virtual mobile app developer to gauge their capability:

  1. Could you tell us something about your skillset?
  2. The developers you are thinking of hiring should be equipped with the skills required to build the features and functionality you would like to have in your app. Some common features people want include reviews and ratings that they wish to incorporate into their app. They may also want their app to interact efficiently with their existing back-end software.

    The candidates you interview should be able to inform you how they will implement any proposed feature and discuss plugins or frameworks that may be helpful in the development of the app.

  3. What will be your approach to UX and UI principles in app development?
  4. UX (user experience) and UI (user interface) are as important as the features found in an app. An impressive design and user interface are essential for drawing users and retaining them. You are competing with millions of apps at any point of time; so you need apps with superior design and UX to stand out. An aesthetic app is a joy for users.

  5. Have you created an app in the same industry as mine?
  6. Enquire the candidates if they have experience in designing mobile apps in the same industry as yours as this thing will really matter. Talking to them regarding their experience will enable you to learn how well they were able to perform similar tasks in the past. Discuss with them how they handled the pressure, how they communicated with clients regarding their app, and how they deal with post-launch issues regarding app development.

  7. Do you religiously follow web application frameworks?
  8. Ask them if they have made it a point to follow coding standards in their web application frameworks. This enables developers to use reusable libraries and components that are needed for code maintainability. The use of web application frameworks enables developers to work speedily. Moreover, it will help you if you decide to abandon your old team and work with new developers.

  9. What level of involvement from me will you need?
  10. Developers, regular or virtual, won’t be able to develop your app without your active involvement. However, it will be better if you enquire with them about the level of involvement they will require from you.

Summing Up

Asking these questions to your prospective candidates for mobile phone app development will help you immensely and assist you to zero in on the right talent and make the best use of the resources you will be putting in.