Methods of Effective Outsourcing

By Shaunvir Singh Oct 01, 2012
Methods of Effective Outsourcing

Method by Whom Client has Complete Control of Outsourcing Process

When it comes to outsourcing, two of the prime factors clients take into consideration are the cost involved and the quality of employees being hired. However, a third factor often overlooked is the method by which a client will be outsourcing their work.

The method of outsourcing is highly important for it is inextricably linked to efficiency. And high levels of productivity are the ultimate goal because when outsourced work is done halfway around the world, any inefficiency can have magnified repercussions. In fact, an outsourced project that has been shoddily done outweighs any initial cost and quality benefits and thus defies the objective of outsourcing in the first place.

With VE, the client is in complete control of the entire outsourcing process. From the very start, it is the client who selects the employee they want to hire. Thereafter, the client has full and complete access to the remote dedicated employees they have hired. It is the client who assigns tasks, provides instructions, and works directly with their virtual employees.

VE build bridges between the client and the virtual dedicated employees. However, VE is present at all times to provide support to both the client the dedicated employees as and when is required. Subsequently, it is this level of unrestricted, uninterrupted access to a team of virtual employees that enables both the client and the virtual staff to work together efficiently. In turn, this helps the client to realize the maximum cost and quality benefits one can gain by outsourcing.

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