How to Offshore Your Game Development

By Daya Mukherjee Sep 29, 2020
How to Offshore Your Game Development

Indian Professionals Provide Complete Game Development Solutions

India is emerging as a global gaming industry, both in terms of consumption as well as production. This is why Western firms are hiring virtual employees from Indian vendors who can produce gaming products.

You can also hire a full team of professionals or an individual game developer from Indian vendors. The remote dedicated game developers have the capability to provide customized solutions at an affordable rate.

Surprisingly India has talented game developers and game development companies, but it does not have, technically, a ‘gaming industry.’ It also does not have many ‘gaming institutes’ to impart game development education.

However, India as a creative force and a (game) consuming nation has grown by leaps and bounds, and clients ship jobs to India due to India’s credentials as one of the biggest outsourcing destinations.

Influence of cost-effectiveness on outsourcing decisions

The advantage of looking at India for game development services can also be seen in terms of input costs. The growing costs of game development are a matter of great concern for firms and studios globally. Thus, they are on the lookout for affordable solutions. India is capable of providing cost-effective services for various crucial and complex game development projects.

Cost is not the only consideration

Companies from around the world send jobs to India due to the impeccable graphic design skills and back-end software of Indian gaming vendors. Indian game development professionals combine skills with high levels of quality assurance and testing.

As a result, Indian game development professionals are capable of handling multiple and complex projects. They also ensure quick turnaround time, faster development, and support deployment as well.

Game development projects can be outsourced in three broad segments:

  • Computer games that are delivered on disks or CD-ROMs and played on a PC
  • Video games that use dedicated consoles to play the game
  • Wireless games market that is dominated primarily by games played on mobile phones

You can outsource your game development projects to aggressively develop games in all these three segments.

Shipping jobs to India allows access to Indian gaming market

Clients want to hire game development professionals from India in order to cater to India’s exploding gaming market.

Console gaming is a success in India because of favorable demographics, rising urban disposable incomes, and new generation consoles penetrating the Indian markets. Clients are thereby encouraged to outsource console game development.

The Indian PC games market is being driven by the healthy broadband subscriber base, availability and price points of PC game titles, and multifunctional nature of the PC business.

No wonder companies want to send game development projects to India to gain from the lucrative Indian gaming market.

All in all, India has various advantages in game development, and the young demographics of the country is creating a boom for gaming products in all major gaming platforms.

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