5 Content Writing Trends That Will Remain in 2021

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By Irfan Ahmad Apr 05, 2021
5 Content Writing Trends That Will Remain in 2021

Writing is imagination personified. And in the age of internet, it has become the greatest tool in content marketing for businesses — online and offline. It is inexpensive too, if done right. It is especially crucial considering the year gone by and the effect it had on businesses all over the world. And internet stood tall like the Greek Titan, Atlas, taking on the burden of the businesses and saving many business.

Therefore, the content writing trends in 2021 dictate that we keep the momentum online and stick to writing high quality content writing that pulls traffic to your website, engages your audience and build on sales and brand visibility.

If you are looking at options want to improve your blog writing to drive the traffic and engage audience, then you can outsource content writing to SEO professionals who specialize in developing content marketing strategies.

And if you are a beginner or need to learn more about content writing trends in the year 2021, then here are 5 content writing trends to follow in 2021:

  1. Going Visual: It’s All For The Eyes

    It is no secret that not everybody is a reader. Text-heavy blogs tend to put off audiences. Write blogs with images and videos to ease eyes with colors and textures.

    You can make a photo gallery with informative captions. Instead of using boring stock photos, you can also experiment with embedding videos or pictures from social media. Also, add attractive infographics that are easy to understand and are sharable to social media. If need be, you can hire writers by outsource content writing and instead focus on content marketing yourself.

  2. Data is King: The Science Behind Numbers

    Analytical tools are using data to assess customer behavior and predict their habits, helping business build and improve upon products or services. This will help you in understanding your audience and target writing effective blog posts targeting their personality trait, age, education, interests. This ensures you stay relevant to your audience and continue to retain their attention with your informative writing. This increases your SERP rating.

    Apart from Google Analytics, Woopra HotSpot Marketing Hub, Mixpanel, Matomo Analytics and SEMrush are popular search analytical tools. Make the most of this Content writing trends to you stay ahead of competitors.

  3. Audience Engagement: Action and Reaction

    The whole point of audience engagement is to get them to think or talk about your brand or business. This is done to engage them towards your product or service and take actionable steps. The key is to add value to their experience and get them to interact with your content. This could include writing good blog posts that include quizzes, polls, contests, schemes and product catalogues. This will get your blog their attention and also offer an experience to your readers and keep them on your blog for longer.

    Start with targeting keywords with high search volumes. Spin a headline that makes people want to read. Keeping the blog engaging is key.

  4. Consistent SEO: Let Content Drive The SEOdan

    Despite many changes in the content writing trends over the years, SEO is still the main driver behind content marketing for getting your blog ranked higher in search engine positions. However, this has to be noted that keyword-stuffing and other such tactics are now a no-go.

    For SEO to work, blogging has to be consistent and regular, since more blogs mean more traffic driven towards the website. Another point is to be consistent in naturally using keywords in titles, Meta tags, and also sprinkle it intermittently throughout the blog. To better your content creation, you can divert your time at curating content and outsource content writing to get improve your quality in content and marketing.

    Make sure the web page loads faster. Moreover, focus on optimizing the website in general. Websites with clean design, easy navigation and smooth scrolling tend to reduce the bounce rate and improve the overall SEO.

  5. AI and Automation: Play With Smart AlgoRhythm

    Another big content writing trend is leveraging Automation and AI-powered tools for the content marketing strategy. Data is part of it but now the automated algorithms are assisting with creating content for different businesses, if not creating content by themselves. Seeing that AI-driven content is a reality in social media, content marketing could be a game changer for writing a blog for your business.

    This is significant because search algorithms change and AI and Automation can help devise strategies for long-term content for consistency.

    For instance, BrightEdge’s AI identify the most relevant keywords and topics to include in your content strategy.

    SEMrush’s Competitive Research tool analyzes your rival’s marketing strategies, social media, PR activities, content marketing efforts and collect data from traffic sources, social media and content marketing efforts.

    Hubspot’s machine learning finds topics that search engines associate with your content; this information helps you in writing a blog for your business to drive organic traffic to your website.

    Google’s Knowledge Graph assists search users get better results for their inquiries. Google is also utilizing AI to get better results to look through queries with its RankBrain algorithm.

    AI and automation are still evolving and hold much promise in the coming future. These are just some of them.

    Now that you have enough information on various content writing trends and tools, you can work on your organization or website’s marketing strategies.

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