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Why Opting for the Cloud is a Smart Way to Start Up?

As a prospective startup owner, you will be confronted with a lot of noise; noise emanating from billboards, TV commercials and news stories that can mislead you about how you

Outsourcing – How the Impact Goes Beyond Bottom Line

Outsourcing Makes Global Talent Pool Accessible to Businesses Outsourcing fuses key business activities with technology levers, helping business enterprises better manage rule-based tasks and augment process efficiency. Broadening the base

Get Innovative By Becoming a Cloud Company

Growing and Transforming Your Business in the Cloud The cloud company is a concept that business enterprises are actively adopting. A technology-backed innovation, the cloud company enables you to boost

Migration of Critical Software and Infrastructure to a Cloud-based Platform

Why Application Migration to Enterprise Cloud is Such a Big Deal These Days Findings of surveys on organizations using cloud At least 65% of enterprises today are using cloud computing,

Oracle’s ‘Services as a Service’ Concept Not Really New

Move to the Cloud to Reorganize Your Business and Streamline Operations Tech alley is abuzz with the news that Oracle may announce a new service at its upcoming customer conference

How the Cloud Helps Companies to Streamline Business Activities

Move to the Cloud to Reorganize Your Business and Streamline Operations The cloud gave businesses a reason to cheer. Now, the concept of a cloud company has given them another

How the Cloud Shortens Process Time, Cuts Down Personal Budgets and Brings Innovation

Cloud as a Disruptive Technology with Game-Changing Business Results It may amaze many of you that some companies can take up to 6 months to implement an A/B testing software

Cloud Computing will Change Outsourcing Services

Get an entire office in the Cloud now! Cloud services (IaaS, SaaS, PaaS and others) have taken outsourcing to a whole new level, simplifying both the application processes as well