A Freelancer can never compete with a Dedicated Employee

Who should you go for when outsourcing your Mobile Apps Development project?

If you surf the net for help on whether to hire a freelancer or a dedicated virtual employee when outsourcing your Mobile Apps development project, you will find people supporting freelancers because of the low costs of hiring one, but you’ll also find people swearing by the quality a virtual dedicated employee can deliver.

Once you give it a thought, it should be clear to you that the only (yes, we do mean, ‘only’) advantage a freelancer has over a dedicated remote Mobile Apps developer is their low (initial) cost. Of course, this low ‘initial’ cost can increase any time because the kind of minimal control and supervision you have over a freelancing Mobile Apps developer, there isn’t much you can do if the freelancer decides to abandon your project before the project is complete. This is not a hypothetical situation; there have been many instances of freelancers abandoning their clients midway through a project. Another troubling fact about a freelancer is that, unlike a remote dedicated employee, your Mobile Apps development freelancer works with multiple clients simultaneously. You are, therefore, not their dedicated employer but just another client. This obviously makes it very difficult for a freelancer to deliver quality because he has to split his work-hours between multiple clients.

A virtual dedicated Mobile Apps developer, on the other hand, is your full-time employee, and you have complete control over him/her as far as work is concerned. Supervising a dedicated remote employee is also not such a difficult job because the outsourcing vendor who’d helped you hire him/her provides your virtual dedicated employee with a workplace fully-equipped with the latest IT and communications infrastructure, and also all support systems, such as, 24-hr IT and power backups, needed to make sure that work on your project never stops due to IT and power glitches. When it comes to a dedicated remote employee for your Mobile Apps development project, your outsourcing service provider also makes sure that your remote worker is supervised whenever at work, which makes sure that it’s just work that happens during work-hours. In the case of a freelancer, effective supervision is just not possible because he works from home with no supervision or proper IT and communications infrastructure.

Another factor that makes it clear that working with a remote dedicated employee is more efficient than working with a freelancer is that when you hire the services of a service provider, the company not only helps you to hire the most suitable candidate, but also takes care of all administrative functions, letting you concentrate on just your project. This invariably leads to quality results being delivered by your remote Mobile Apps developer, who is totally under your control as far as work is concerned.

A dedicated remote employee is also made to sign a service agreement and a non-disclosure agreement. These agreements make sure that your dedicated Mobile Apps developer can’t walk out on you before the project is complete and also that your sensitive data is in safe hands.

These are the reasons why a dedicated virtual employee is now the preferred choice of organizations that are outsourcing. It cannot be emphasized enough that if you fall into the ‘low cost’ trap and hire a freelancer, you’ll always have the threat of low professionalism, inefficiency, and uncertainty looming over your Mobile Apps development project.