Are People Suffering from App Fatigue?

By Daya Mukherjee Jan 06, 2017
Are People Suffering from App Fatigue?

Are there just too many apps out there and are people suffering from app fatigue? Statistics reveal that there are millions of mobile apps out there in App Store and Play Store. Of these, only 25% of the apps that are downloaded are used once in six months. Doesn’t it suggest that most of these apps lie unused?

The Gold Rush
The last few years have seen apps of all kinds – games, commerce, social media and more – filling stores up. This was the time when the number of apps in a store was considered as the barometer of success. Apps got flooded in the stores and now, there is truly an app for everyone; for almost any need that you can think of.

Providing Value to Customers To Stand Out
New apps that fail to provide enough value to users are likely to go off the radar. Most app makers would simply repackage the existing experience, often offering the same stuff with better design. If an app is not better than the predecessor by several notches, the chances of its adoption by the targeted users become quite less. The replication of app ideas has led to app fatigue.

Thinking of New Ways
Developing apps just for the sake of it won’t work. You need to think of new ways of developing apps that would make life easier for users in some way. For instance, you could focus on utilizing an existing data set to create sophisticated automation. Furthermore, you may use the latest methodology for creating a whole data set. You will achieve more success if you do not just think of automating your existing data set and look beyond it. This will help you more in transforming your business, as it is a better ploy than simply adding a new layer of notifications.

What Most Applications in App Stores Lack
Most apps in app stores do not have features or functionalities that may arouse the interest of users. In this age of rapidly advancing technology, user expectation is now characterized by a great deal of sophistication. For instance, mobile phones today have to be sophisticated enough with integrated technologies such as NFC (Near-field communication), high resolution front and back cameras, and many other features. An app developer also needs to find out what is expected of their app.

The example of iOS 10 will make this even clearer. The device has a feature by the name of HomeKit that opens a broad avenue for home-based iBeacon applications for controlling diverse household electrical appliances. It is an application that adds value to a user’s life in the real sense.

A high quality mobile, designed with a fresh perspective and useful features, is likely to gain traction among users. Value may be created through information, entertainment, or novelty. Entrepreneurs may focus on creating a need where there isn’t one. While developing an app, you need to reiterate quality and value.

Summing Up
Make sure the app you are coming up with has the stand-out factor. Avoid features that simply cause information-overload. Draw users’ attention to the unique factor, whether it is in brand new offers, or released as part of an upgrade, and there will be takers for it.

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