VE Offers Studio Facility for Video Recording

Advantages of Own Video Recording Studio Facility

As part of our continuous endeavor to keep abreast of the latest technological developments, has built a state-of-the-art Video Recording Studio on its premises in which clients can ask their virtual employee to create videos for promotion of their online business. All you (the client) need to do is to pre-book the studio and use it for creating videos.

In fact, we effectively give your company its own studio to make as many videos whenever you want. Earlier, outsourcing end-to-end video creation was hampered due to lack of the requisite infrastructure. Previously, clients used to give their virtual employee(s) readymade videos and they would be instructed to carry out related tasks such as SEO integration, or maybe Web 2.0 integration.

No bottlenecks

To enhance the video quality, we use a green background in our video recording studio which is perfect if your virtual employee wishes to add graphics or content to the video, thereby making it an overall pleasant watch for the viewer.

Visual media has one of the strongest impacts on the psyche of the average customer, which is why online businesses these days are leaning heavily toward making videos to promote their websites. It is common knowledge that “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Change that to a moving image and you have something that can hold the attention of the average customer much longer than a two-page article or blog. In fact, there can be no better way than videos, which lend themselves effortlessly to all kinds of viral marketing as well “YouTube" and other social media platforms.

Most small and medium firms in the US and the UK, however, lack the expensive equipment, office space, and infrastructure necessary to make videos and usually have no choice but to pay huge sums of money to professionals who do it for them. Even when it came to outsourcing, a remote vendor could do was to promote the already-created video through various viral marketing strategies and generate the needed exposure for the company. Actual creation of the video outside the client’s country by an outsourcing service provider was almost a rarity.

In many countries that are into outsourcing, having a video recording studio is often unheard of. So, if a client in the UK or the US wanted to make a short film about their company and business operations, they would have no other option but to go to a professional studio and get it done. Needless to add, the entire exercise would be very expensive. However, with us, you can easily get your employee to make the video by simply pre-booking the studio. This service is completely free – you can use it any time and for as long as you want. Make as many videos as you need and enjoy cost-effective services.

Advantages of our video recording facility

a) Your remote dedicated employee can create videos for your company and upload them on YouTube and other websites like your company’s Facebook groups, etc. All this can help in your viral marketing strategies and help your company get exposure that is good for SEO and web 2.0 marketing as well. Videos are great for your website and a powerful marketing tool to improve your customer experience.

b) Your employees may possess technical skills in a certain area and could create videos for your website, say YouTube, and explain the technical aspects of your business to your customer base. This can help you attract many more customers and give an overall good impression of your company.

c) Your remote dedicated employees could also utilize this facility to do a presentation for you on a topic that is relevant for the growth of your online business. It could pertain to training or could revolve around explaining certain aspects of your work, or it could even be putting forth some proposal to you for a change in strategy or business tactics. In other words, the video could be a strong audio-visual way of communicating whatever it is that needs to be put across to generate some sort of a tangible result.