Top 6 Ways How a Virtual Assistant Can Be an Entrepreneur’s Secret Weapon

By Daya Mukherjee Oct 05, 2020
Top 6 Ways How a Virtual Assistant Can Be an Entrepreneur’s Secret Weapon

Running after the clients, preparing reports, writing e-mails, scheduling meetings, and what not – the life of a ‘solopreneur’ is certainly not easy. It is sad that many modern-day entrepreneurs are still trying to fit in all these multiple roles, battling with giant obstacles and expectations daily. Just imagine the havoc these everyday challenges can create in the startup business owner’s personal life. Not only does this compromise upon the peace of mind and independence of entrepreneurs, but the aspirational value and desire to innovate (with which they commenced their business) also start to fade with time.

Won’t it be better to assign these myriad tasks to a team that is proficient, allows you to focus on the core business functions, doesn’t require an office setup, and is available at almost 70% lesser cost? Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Well, the answer is virtual assistant services. If you want to dedicatedly invest your time in developing ideas and crafting the perfect brand image, rather than doing everything half-heartedly (especially tasks like filling out invoices, conducting online research, reaching out to contacts and creating databases), you need virtual assistants.

These tasks drive your focus away from the productive business activities as they are lengthy and time-sensitive. In business, time is money and trusted virtual assistant companies are well aware of this fact; they are adept at accommodating too many tasks in too less time. They offer quality business support services of highly skilled virtual assistants, who can spearhead mundane to crucial tasks with expertise and zeal. This means that you will be able to channelize your valuable time, effort and resources in the right direction. If you are still curious about how can a virtual assistant help your business, here are the main benefits of virtual assistants to ease your nerve!

Top Advantages of Hiring a Virtual Assistant to Up Your Business Game

  1. Reduce labour costs: One of the biggest benefits of virtual assistants, especially for start-up businesses, is that their services are available at much cheaper operational costs as compared to the local employees. We all know that labour costs are different in different countries, and for outsourcing, affordable geographies like India are the most preferred. But that is not all! With virtual assistants, you get to save several expenses like employee benefits and office setup. Plus, you do not need to hire and fire them like in-house employees as their services can be bought as and when required.
  2. Streamline business functions: Another big reason why entrepreneurs need virtual assistants is streamlining the business processes. Outsourcing completely eliminates the need of having a separate HR section, which is otherwise required to fill the job openings and manage the payrolls. It simplifies the processes of resource selection, recruitment and salary payment. Rather, you only need to get in touch with the best outsourcing providers, and select from a hybrid pool of qualified professionals.
  3. Enhance work productivity: A few years back, there was a misconception floating around cheap labour equals cheap services. As a result, entrepreneurs were confused about the decision to opt for virtual assistant services. But the success stories of numerous business owners who went ahead with outsourcing and garnered excellent results helped them take this leap of faith. Studies show that skilled virtual assistants (hired from top outsourcing service providing companies) have the ability to raise the productivity bar and profit margins. They have years of experience in their respective work fields and their fresh ideas can actually help you stand out in front of your business competitors.
  4. Scale up and down as you deem fit: A budding business has both long-term and short-term projects in hand. If you hire a team of local employees to accomplish these projects, you will have to keep paying them during the breaks between these too. Asking them to leave also requires strict compliance with a series of rules and regulations as imposed by the labour law of your native country. Virtual assistant companies help in promoting business scalability. The remote resources are available on an immediate basis to support your business and its growing operations. You can also downsize your team of virtual assistants in accordance to your specific project requirements. So, it’s a win-win!
  5. Choose from a diverse range of services: If you believe that there are only a few tasks that can be outsourced, you are mistaken. Just try to Google the type/range of services that you can outsource, and you will be amazed to see the results. Virtual assistant services are available for every business function – you just have to name it. All business tasks (including launching marketing campaigns, managing mails and business correspondence, finalising appointments, preparing reports, accounting and invoicing, and data entry) become easier with personal virtual assistants. You can simply divert all business calls to them and manage your social media accounts or promote your blogs, seated in a bean bag at your home.
  6. Strike a harmonious work-life balance: Apart from these measurable lucrative benefits of virtual assistants, there is another special advantage that had to be a part of this master list. Reliable virtual assistants are basically personal organizers who can lighten your busy work schedule and help you promote a relaxed work-life balance. They take the load off your shoulders so that you can take out more time for yourself and your family. So, you will never have to miss your child’s football game or a dance recital at school again.
Summing Up

Virtual assistants are just like a winning weapon in your toolkit, especially since working with them has become easier with the advancement of technology and a better economic and social standing. Yet, the question ‘what can a virtual assistant do for my business’ creates an unsettling atmosphere for a business owner, but only until he goes offshore. They employ their experience, skill, knowledge and dedication to nurture your dream business. With the right knowledge of how to use a virtual assistant, you can rest assured not only for the furtherance of your business, but also its steady growth. Hence, they are a hot-selling item in the entrepreneurial market.

A research by Tactical claims that the virtual assistant industry is expected to witness a global upsurge of 1.8 billion in the year 2021, which can generate whopping market revenue of USD 15.8 billion. Such imposing trends are meant to be followed; don’t lag behind and hire a virtual assistant today.

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