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Scope of 3D Animation and VFX in India

Scope of 3D animation & VFX in India

Do you remember the feeling of jumping out of your seat with a pounding heart while watching a 3D movie with splendid VFX (Visual Effects)? You and your group of friends might have wondered which movies to see, but those with special effects almost always are the ones everyone agrees upon. Be it a lightening effect, a fight scene or the astounding backgrounds, everything comes alive on the big screen, thanks to the super talented 3D animation and VFX artists.

There’s a lot of scope of 3D animation in Hollywood movies, daily soaps and even advertisements, enough to make us feel fascinated like a small kid. But when we talk about extensively using 3D animation and VFX in India, our minds are overshadowed with a preconception of just not being up to the mark. Let me ask you this. Can you tell the similarity between movies such as Avatar, How to Train Your Dragon, Shrek, Thor, Interstellar and Maleficent? They are all VFX movies but what are the other similarities? Read on to find out.

Drum rolls, please! All these movies (and many more) include the work of VFX and animation artists from India. Surprised, aren’t you? But the fact is that there is a big list of Hollywood movies (including the ones we just mentioned), which have Indian artists behind their humongous success. Indian VFX and animation artists are immensely talented, which is the major reason why even the industry giants today are considering the option to outsource 3D animation in India. What has further tilted the scales in favour of Indian companies for foreigners seeking quality animation and VFX services is that they can make up to 70% cost savings in the process.

With advancements in technology, the demand for creativity and closest-to-reality effects has increased manifolds. VFX specialists and 3D animators from India have become adept at pushing their creative boundaries to meet the industry’s needs to recreate every possible situation on screen. As a result, they have carved a niche for themselves in the world of animation. Let’s understand the current and future scope of VFX in animation for the Indian artists!

Present Scope of 3D Animation and VFX

Before going ahead, let’s understand the difference between animation and VFX. People sometimes use these terms interchangeably, but there are some key differences between the two. Animation is the technique that involves application of illusions on drawings, paintings, pictures or sketches to make them move and act. A perfect example of a work of animation will be a cartoon movie (like Finding Nemo) or series (like our favourite Mickey Mouse). On the other hand, VFX is applied to real things, human beings, footages, frames or scenes. Simply put, VFX creates the perfect blend of real things and special effects to enhance the visual appeal in real life. Avengers Endgame (the cult classic superhero movie by Marvel) showcases stunning visual effects in almost all its scenes.

The demand for talented Indian animators and nifty VFX specialists is at an all-time high. The mounting scope of 3D in animation has encouraged a large number of established animators to start their own businesses. On the other hand, numerous successful VFX specialists have started working as reliable freelancers to cater to the ever-increasing scope of VFX in animation.

Artists in these dynamic fields are also widely employed by advertising agencies, animation studios, media houses and companies developing games and applications. As the present-day market of these artists is filled with robust opportunities, outsourcers are willing to pay handsome salaries for their services. Based on the current scope of 3D animation and VFX artists in India, their future also looks promising.

Booming Market Ahead for Aspiring Animators and VFX Specialists

We have already discussed about the slowly-but-steadily increasing demand to outsource 3D animation in India, and the growing scope of 3D and VFX in animation. In fact, this demand is not restricted to just films, daily soaps and advertisements. Gaming and application development businesses are also embracing the trend to use animation and visual effects with open arms to retain their current users and win over new ones. To fill in this huge demand, a number of creative and imaginative aspirants with commendable drawing/sketching skills are choosing this profession.

But excelling in this industry is certainly not a piece of cake. Firstly, the expectations are too high as the audience does not accept anything less than perfect (their eyes have already seen the best). As a result, you have to have an impressive resume (with a proper professional certification and years of related experience) to start getting good quality work on a regular basis. Secondly, the cut-throat competition has made it difficult for average-skilled artists to continue working on decent salaries. Having said that, if you have the required skills and passion to transform imagination into reality, this might be the most rewarding profession for you. It will also keep your inner artist happy and satisfied and whet your appetite for creative exploration.

There are a number of organisations in India that offer professional VFX and 3D animation courses. Here, the aspiring artists patiently learn the required technical know-how and undergo rigorous practical training. They gain experience working with the latest industry trends, and become well-equipped to visualise the requirements of their clients/employers to make the project come alive on their complex computer systems. Hence, this creative career avenue is expected to be brimming with the talent of a lot of young minds in the near future.

Summing Up

Everyone craves for a break from their ordinary, mundane lives. The 3D and VFX artists manage to take their audience on an extraordinary journey that can make their jaws drop and urge them to forget their everyday run of the mill, at least for a small while. This thrill of a departure into a fun-filled dreamy, fantasy world is what drives the business owners to reach out to the special effects specialists to sell their stories or products.

One of the fastest growing economies today, India has spread its wings to become a global powerhouse for the media and entertainment industry. All the misconceptions of its incompetence or mediocrity in 3D and VFX skills have been dispelled with the exemplary work of Indian artists. Filmmakers and directors around the globe are willing to outsource 3D animation in India owing to the indigenous Indian talent that has calibre to produce the perfect output.