PHP: Ultimate Language for Dynamic Web Solutions

By Daya Mukherjee Dec 06, 2017
PHP: Ultimate Language for Dynamic Web Solutions

PHP is a versatile, open-source language that can give you customized programming solutions for amazing results. Read on to learn more about this web development tool.

History of PHP

PHP is used by as much as 82% of all the websites as a server-side programming language. Version 5 is used by 98.4% of all PHP-based websites. This is as per W3Techs, a web technology survey company and provider of information on the usage of web-based technologies. Currently, PHP is installed in more than 240 million websites.

20 years after the initial release of “Personal Home Page Tools (PHP Tools) version 1.0 in 1995,” PHP still holds its position as the most popular server-side scripting language for web development solutions, and its next version 7.0 was scheduled for release in mid-October 2015 as per the PHP Group’s timeline.

Highly Versatile and Open-Source

It’s now considered a must to use PHP for developing a dynamic and user-friendly website. An open- source programming language that facilitates the creation of interactive web pages, PHP is today incorporated in every organization’s web designing process. As a result of it, the demand for PHP developers with the right set of skills is on the rise and we have companies signing up with PHP development service providers with increasing frequency.

India – Hub of PHP Development

India, already a familiar name in hardware and software development, as well as in engineering and the field of technology as a whole, is a natural choice for qualified PHP developers as well. Several offshoring and remote staffing firms in India are engaged in supplying competent PHP developers who have a track-record of providing outstanding results. These resources develop, test and maintain PHP-based websites on your behalf and deliver customized applications powered by PHP.

PHP – A Sustainable Solution

PHP is an extremely useful tool for an e-commerce site and when you outsource your work to PHP programmers in India, you get access to low-cost developers with sound technical knowledge who charge you by the hour and build a robust site. You’re guaranteed to get substantial ROI from a team of PHP development experts for whom delivering quality results is a hallmark.

You get to enjoy the services of a dedicated and focused team by deciding to hire PHP developers from India. They are knowledgeable and efficient enough to provide the necessary coding support to your website as per your business requirements. Indian PHP developers have had significant exposure to local and international projects of varying degree and they boast of a growing clientele too.

An exclusive service from a web development agency in India that you can call your own is considered a privilege by many. Indian service providers possess a high level of proficiency in PHP and can really add life to your unremarkable web pages. They can transform your website to let enjoy a competitive edge through specialized and cost-effective services. Client satisfaction is a corollary of their functional web development process.

If you want professional, secure and reliable MySQL, AJAX, Drupal, and Magento solutions, PHP is your ultimate choice and India is the best place to hire resources for the same.

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