How to Choose Professional Writers for Your Content Requirements

By Daya Mukherjee Nov 06, 2017
How to Choose Professional Writers for Your Content Requirements

In this digital age, content lies at the core of your success. Website content, blogs, newsletters, brochures, social media posts – content decides the destiny of your online success.

High quality content means more effective sales copies, which culminates into better lead generation. You can have your writer create marketing copies that make you stand out among your competitors. As a business manager, your goal should be to create relevant content that is of global standards quality wise.

Impressive Content Keeps Your Visitors Glued to Your Site

Informative and impressive content keeps your visitors glued to your site, conveys to them your marketing message and convinces them to buy your stuff.

You can triple or quadruple the number of readers by consistently producing valuable content, exactly what your readers are expecting. Having a clear insight into the minds of your readers will help you develop such content. You need to discuss with your writers the audience you are targeting. Detailed demographics and analytics will help them form a mental image of your target audience, which is so necessary while creating targeted content. Your marketing team needs to work in close collaboration with your writers to help you get content that really works.

Why You Cannot Be Overly Liberal While Hiring Writers

To ensure your campaign is successful, you have to hire competent writers. You cannot go on hiring any writer who walks into your office and there are many reasons behind this, some of which are as follows:

  1. not all writers are good writers
  2. many are not familiar with content marketing and copywriting principles
  3. their style and tone of writing may not match what you are looking for
  4. some may struggle when it comes to meeting deadlines
  5. some may be bad communicators

You need to take a comprehensive test of every candidate to get an idea about their writing ability.

Ascertain Skill Level of Candidates

Most people gauge the skill set of writer by asking for samples of their writing, or by having them write impromptu on a given topic. However, just asking them to provide a sample of their writing or write a blog will serve little purpose. A competent technical writer may produce substandard blog posts. You need to choose only those candidates who have the required skills you are looking for.

For instance, if you require someone for writing brochures, call only those people with prior experience in this kind of writing. Take into consideration things like selection of theme, fluency, readability, grammar and spelling.

Discuss Headlines

If you are able to successfully find a good candidate, well and good, but don’t start rejoicing immediately. They may have the writing skill and adequate knowledge about your product or service as well, but you need to find out whether they will be able to meet the deadlines you set for them. If your requirement is somewhat complex and there are tight deadlines, you should discuss this with candidates beforehand.

Summing Up

Hiring content writers is an important business process. The competency level of the writers you hire will have a profound impact on the success of your marketing campaign. Bring in excellent writers to increase the chances of your success exponentially.

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