Free Video Conferencing Facility for Clients

Free Video Conferencing Facility of VE a Boon for Clients

Virtual Employee Pvt. Ltd. recently introduced its Video Conferencing facility for its clients, thereby taking the entire job shipping experience to a whole new level. From across a large screen, the client and their remote employee can interact in ‘real’ time and enjoy the unique experience.

Small and medium firms dealing with remote staffing companies in the Third World countries hitherto relied on standard online communication methods such as Skype, email, instant messenger, and the odd international telephone call (in rare cases). With this in view, we introduced our Video Conference facility for clients who wished a more deeper, a more meaningful and a more satisfactory interaction with their respective remote employee(s).

Video conference via our video conferencing room has taken the remotely working process to another level altogether. A client may not realize just how good and efficient using our video conferencing facility can be, mainly because they have only conducted a video conference using a basic camera on their laptop or PC – neither of which can quite match up with what our room specifically engineered for the purpose of video conferencing has to offer. And so when you try our video conferencing room you might be surprised as to just how much better it is and this, in turn, makes the whole process more efficient for both, you and your employee.

So, how does our video conference facility benefit the client?

  1. For those detailed, urgent, and sometimes complex, discussions, where merely Skype chats or emails are simply not sufficient.
  2. It takes away the anonymity factor from the whole experience. Most small and medium firms that outsource rarely get to see the face behind the name who is supposed to be their remote resource. All communication is mostly either via emails, Skype chats, instant messenger or the occasional telephone call, with voices travelling over the stratosphere.
  3. Video conferencing is great for clients who have hired a team of remote employees with us. For instance, if you have hired 2, 3, 4 or even 10 remote employees with us, with our video conferencing room you can now have a meeting with your entire team at once. That is, you can actually see your entire team assembled together in the room and talking with you, much like in a real conference room. Our video conferencing facility is ideal because it enables multiple people to speak together at once.
  4. Lastly, our video conferencing facility is not just perfect for any client- employee interaction, but is also ideal for client’s interaction with our management. If a client wishes to discuss anything with us, for example, their employee’s performance, or a request for getting some new hardware, or just anything at all, then a client can just speak with us via video conferencing.
  5. A video conference has the added benefit of leaving no room for miscommunication or ambiguity. Conversations take place as they do in real life, with verbal communication getting additional support from body language and facial expressions. All creating a sense of having truly ‘connected.’

So, how does this work? It is all very simple. All you have to do is pre-book the room to use it and enjoy interacting with your remote dedicated employee or team.