Four Common Mistakes You Should Not Make in Outsourcing

Most businesses are short of expertise when it comes to web-related projects. They might be well versed with their core business, but thanks to little exposure to web development, they are often clueless about how they are to go ahead. In such a scenario, most would prefer outsourcing their task to a third party.

Web projects typically involve a gamut of technologies such as HTML, PHP, Flash, JavaScript, Perl, XML, etc. They also require the assistance of experts in web design and content development who also have to ensure that the website works well on multiple platforms such desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. In short, web development requires inputs from professionals with diverse skill set.

This makes the outsourcing task even harder. Here are a few common mistakes companies often make in outsourcing:

Outsourcing to an Unreliable Operator

Some business managers simply do a Google search and outsource their work to the first company that appears in search engine results. This approach is not right. You need to do a bit of research and find a company that you can rely on. Having a look at client testimonials will give you some insights into the quality of their services. Asking them for references of their previous work may also be useful. Having a discussion with some of their previous clients will enable you to know how they go about doing their work.

Outsourcing to Multiple Companies

Businesses with no prior experience in outsourcing may end up outsourcing diverse tasks to various service providers. For instance, they may hand over web designing to A, web development to B, and SEO (search engine optimization) to C. This is only going to make your own life harder. If you collaborate with a single service provider offering a one-stop solution to all your requirements, you will be better off. There are several established outsourcing service providers with a robust track record in several web- related services such as ecommerce website development, web content writing, etc. Entrusting them with your work will make it easier for you.

Settling for the Lowest Bidder

Companies that tend to be overly cost-conscious generally outsource their work to the lowest bidder. They forget that you have to pay a price for quality. Someone promising to offer their services at extraordinarily low costs may not provide the quality that you may be looking for. So, what's the right approach for any business to walk the fine line between quality and costs? Settle for a service provider that provides you quality services without charging an exorbitant amount.

Not Signing a Detailed Agreement

For quality collaboration, a perfect understanding between a client and a service provider is imperative. Mutually sign an SLA (service level agreement) with provisions about various possibilities. A flexible arrangement will help in accommodating any unexpected changes. If the project is simply too large, segregate it in various delivery milestones and have a prior understanding with the service provider about how the project should be executed.

Wrapping Up

Determining the outsourcing service provider you would collaborate with is one of the most important decisions you would take. Give adequate thought to this decision to ensure it is not misplaced.