Making Life Easier for SMEs

Remote Dedicated Professionals Deliver Inexpensive Solutions

Shipping jobs requires companies to open “secondary” offices in countries such as India. With offices in India, companies such as Microsoft, Oracle, and HP are able to get their work done efficiently. The practice, however, is dominated only by multinational companies. It is simply not viable for small- to medium-sized firms. Remote staffing solutions providers like us, however, enable all companies, irrespective of their size, to reap the benefits of job shipping. We are a service provider based in close proximity to the national capital of India, New Delhi. We are a third party that enables SMEs to hire employees from India.

Cost: The complete typical cost when you employ a full-time remote employee with us is $1095–$1995 per month. This fee is inclusive of all the services, e.g. full-time employee, management, hardware, office space, etc. You are not required to make any investments in PCs, office space, recruitment, etc.

Time and Effort: We help you hire dedicated employees. The employees you hire work from our offices where we provide them with everything they require to work for you remotely, e.g., new PC, fax, scanner, fast internet connection, phone with local US or European number, etc.

We also take care of logistics that include 24×7 technical support, as well as management, supervision, and payment of your employees.

Hence, you simply need to inform us about your project requirement. We will take care of everything from there.

Business in the digital age: You can hire remote dedicated professionals with us without: i) leaving your country, ii) hiring/purchasing an office, iii) purchasing any technology or office equipment, and iv) doing any research.

Understanding a new culture: You don’t have to leave your country when doing business with us. Hire employees with us, and you won’t have to understand a new culture/customs.

Recruitment of employees: In order to recruit remote workers, you simply need to provide us with a job description for the position you want to fill in. Later, we search and help you employ candidates that are suitable for you.

Quantity of work: The time, money, and effort required to set up offshore offices makes the project unrealistic, not cost-effective. When you hire with us, we allow your remote dedicated employees to work from our offices. We make it possible for you to send even small quantities of work. The employees supplied by us deliver cost-effective, quality solutions. We pass on to you the cost benefits of the economies of scale.