6 Mobile PPC Trends You Need To Know, Now

By Daya Mukherjee Jan 19, 2017
6 Mobile PPC Trends You Need To Know, Now

The year 2016 has seen a lot of innovation in the area of customer behavior targeting. And these trends have helped businesses improve their products and services effectively. Digital marketers tried a lot from buyer persona targeting to remarketing in paid search advertising in 2016. It allowed businesses to expand their reach.

If you believe in the power of paid search marketing, you must keep yourself aware of new trends. Here are 6 emerging trends in PPC:

  1. Mobile-based bidding will increase
    This year, Google has again announced that tablet and mobile bidding will return and base bidding level will be applicable for all mobile devices. Hence, the proportion of mobile bidding may increase in the total paid search marketing budgets. It will push marketers to spend more on a particular device-based targeting.
  2. More characters for text ads
    Google recently rolled out the Expanded Text Ads, allowing advertisers to include more characters in their ads. There are now two 30-character headlines opposed to a single 25-character one that was available till recently. This may increase slightly to help marketers target their customers better.
  3. Google PPC will have more features
    The paid ad formats offered by Google are fast becoming more feature rich. You now also get visual enhancement to additional business info more prominently in PPC ads. In case, you achieve the highest position, you get premium local annotations and site links among other ad formats.
  4. Mobile consumption will increase
    In 2014, ComScore, a leading web analytics firm, announced that mobile had already crossed the tipping point and that most of the media consumption takes place on the smaller screens. The number will further increase as Asia and Africa are fast being digitized. So, more people will check things out from their mobiles in 2017, which will be more evident in ecommerce. It has been predicted that Internet advertising expenditure for mobile will surpass that for desktops for the first time in 2017.
  5. New shopping feed will impact PPC
    These updates are regarding the information that its advertisers require in order to run these shopping ads. This includes specific pricing information, color, size values, and new image requirements.
  6. Video ad campaigns will become more prominent
    Video ads have become popular in all ad networks and Google PPC ads will be no exception. Video ads will become more prominent in 2017 and people will love to watch more and read less. So, be prepared to present your ads in the video format in the coming year. This will help your ads grab more eyeballs and more clicks through PPC campaigns.

Wrapping up

Knowing these trends will help you plan your PPC marketing budget efficiently; thus you will have higher ROI from your marketing campaigns, higher conversion rate, and more revenue for business growth.

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